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NEW EPISODE: The truth about the female orgasm. Does the “honeymoon phase” end? Should a Christian date someone of a different faith? Should I date a guy who wants to experiment with drugs while he’s young? A guy is very specific with his prayer request for a wife!



NEW EPISODE: Do married women have a “backup husband” in mind? Why is it a bad idea for parents of teens to date and remarry? Is it possible for a man to be weaned off sex? How fast is too fast to start dating again after a divorce? How do we handle sex in our marriage when there are health issues that impair it? Biblically speaking, how often are women required to have sex with their husbands?



NEW EPISODE: Should Christians attend a same sex wedding? Is staying together for the kids a good idea? A Christian father needs help raising his son with his atheist wife. A family is debating circumcision. Do women respond to consequences the same way men do?



NEW EPISODE:  What kind of cancers are on the rise among young adults? Should a wife entertain her husband with lap dances? Should you always tell your spouse about an affair? What are the pros and cons of older women dating younger men? What questions should you ask during the premarital phase? How can a single young male master his sex drive?



NEW EPISODE: Poached partners make unreliable mates. Can long distance relationships work? A wife needs advice because her husband doesn’t want any “couple friends”. Is painting the nude form ok for Christians who are artists? A wife needs help after she had an affair. A guy isn’t sexually attracted to the girl he wants to date. What does Mark think of adoption?



NEW EPISODE: A husband who “just lost it” after years of a nagging wife. Do men who don’t want sex with their wives get it somewhere else? Should you save your first kiss for your wedding day? A wife is frustrated by her husband’s cussing. Should a spouse always tell of their whereabouts? A wife questions staying in the marriage with her serial adulterer husband.



NEW EPISODE!! Five bad reasons to get married. How can a spouse defuse an argument quickly? Should a husband be telling other women that he “loves” them? Is it selfish to not want children? Is sexting with your spouse ok? Is middle of the night sex a requirement for women? How can women get over issues with porn and masturbation?



Is a “Snuggle House” a legitimate business? Should wives have babies to try to improve their marriage or make them happy? What do I do when my husband forgets all the special occasions in our life? A listener wonders if there will be sex in heaven? A wife wants suggestions on how to get the “giddy” back in their marriage and a husband thinks men should be included in baby showers.