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NEW EPISODE! 5 horrible pieces of dating advice. A husband wonders if he should give his wife the separation that she wants. Is online dating a good option? Should couples use fertility treatments? A wife wants to know if it makes her selfish if she leaves her husband after six years of marriage.



NEW SHOW! Is separating worse than divorce? A mom needs help after her teenage daughter confesses to having sex. A husband wants to know if he should give up a job opportunity so his wife doesn’t have to move away from her family. A wife has racist in-laws and another has a badly behaving husband.



NEW EPISODE! A bride swaps her groom for another wedding guest mid-ceremony. An African listener has a question about the tradition of paying a dowry.  A woman wonders how handle the issue of spouses attending separate churches. A parent wants to know about “shunning” Christians for bad behavior and a husband is upset over his wife’s modesty issues and inability to talk about sex.




Mark and crew start out discussing a great article: Underage Dating: The Elephant in the Social Conservative Living Room.

Then they answer emails: A husband wants to know if women really don’t want to have sex as often as men do, a woman wonders if  in vitro fertilization is a valid option for single women, and a couple needs help connecting due to working opposite shifts.



THE BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: Jail time for striking your wife with genitalia? How many things do you need to be attracted to in a person to know they are the one to marry? Is it a sin to be attracted to another person if you are already in a relationship? If I’ve broken off the affair, must I tell my spouse…even if I know it will put an immediate end the marriage?



BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: What is the definition of cheating? How can I get my second husband to support me in the care of my grandchildren when he sees them as a complication to our life? Should I stay single for life after a serious porn and masturbation problem? A 58 year old man need help with a 78 year old woman he’s trying to date and  husband is unhappy that his wife won’t perform oral sex now that they are married. How do I deal with my husband cussing at me? What do I do about a guy who keeps flirting but won’t ask me out?



BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: A Chinese woman kills  a man squeezing his testicles during a dispute over a parking place!  Mark answers emails: Is it wrong to use natural childbirth methods practice by pagans and Buddhists? How do I get rid of demons and spirits of lust from porn use?  Mark and crew go through a series of emails from a listener that just proves that there is always more to the story!