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THE BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: Jail time for striking your wife with genitalia? How many things do you need to be attracted to in a person to know they are the one to marry? Is it a sin to be attracted to another person if you are already in a relationship? If I’ve broken off the affair, must I tell my spouse…even if I know it will put an immediate end the marriage?



BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: What is the definition of cheating? How can I get my second husband to support me in the care of my grandchildren when he sees them as a complication to our life? Should I stay single for life after a serious porn and masturbation problem? A 58 year old man need help with a 78 year old woman he’s trying to date and  husband is unhappy that his wife won’t perform oral sex now that they are married. How do I deal with my husband cussing at me? What do I do about a guy who keeps flirting but won’t ask me out?



BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: A Chinese woman kills  a man squeezing his testicles during a dispute over a parking place!  Mark answers emails: Is it wrong to use natural childbirth methods practice by pagans and Buddhists? How do I get rid of demons and spirits of lust from porn use?  Mark and crew go through a series of emails from a listener that just proves that there is always more to the story!




What are ten personality traits that try marriages? Does porn and masturbation have the same imprinting consequences as premarital sex?  How can I deal with my husband who is not providing financially for our family? Should I dump my boyfriend for being rude to me? How do I know if I’m ready for marriage? Is oral sex okay in marriage? What advice to you have for me to deal with my husband who has Asperger  Syndrome?



Today is a BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: The BAGPIPING SHOW! Having high expectations about marriage could lead to unhappiness. A couple has differing opinions on oral sex. A mom has questions about boyfriend/girlfriend sleepovers. Mark’s opinion on homeschooling. What to do when your calling/purposes don’t match up.