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Today is a BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: The BAGPIPING SHOW! Having high expectations about marriage could lead to unhappiness. A couple has differing opinions on oral sex. A mom has questions about boyfriend/girlfriend sleepovers. Mark’s opinion on homeschooling. What to do when your calling/purposes don’t match up.


NEW EPISODE:  Five ways you are unknowingly destroying your husband and killing your marriage. How can I convince my spouse to attend one of Mark’s seminars? Should I date a Catholic guy if I am not Catholic? How do I respect my porn-viewing husband when he doesn’t deserve the respect? How do I move past and forgive my husband’s infidelity?



NEW EPISODE: 9 Chivalrous Habits of a True Gentleman That Make Women Melt. A divorced woman has concerns about the man she is dating because he can’t seem to live a Godly life without her help. A military wife needs advice about finding a church to attend that both she and her husband agree upon.



NEW EPISODE: Reasons people reject marriage proposals. A husband can’t have sex at all with his wife. A Christian girl is having trouble because she attracts heathens. A newlywed couple has an issue over oral sex. A man needs advice on how to deal with his “ultra-religious, self-righteous, perfectionist” mother.



NEW EPISODE: Once a cheater always a cheater?  Is it right to leave everything for the sake of the gospel–including my wife?  How do I get my fiance to understand that all men deal with temptation? Is is okay for a Christian couple to live together before marriage as long as they don’t have sex? Is reading romance novels a bad idea for women? How do we talk to our son about masturbation?



NEW EPISODE: Four expectations that can injure a good marriage. A wife is having unwanted sexual dreams. How does a family deal with a father’s affair?  A woman is suspicious of her husband’s behavior. A wife has a question about “old people sex” and another has concerns regarding the impact her disability is having on the marriage. Is age difference a big deal when dating and marrying?



NEW EPISODE: The truth about the female orgasm. Does the “honeymoon phase” end? Should a Christian date someone of a different faith? Should I date a guy who wants to experiment with drugs while he’s young? A guy is very specific with his prayer request for a wife!