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NEW EPISODE: Is a trip to IKEA the best test for your dating relationship? A pastor is frustrated by his critical wife. Why the difference in men and women’s sexual peaks? How do men learn to be good lovers to their wives? Is virtual cheating the same as actual cheating? How do I deal with the aftermath of my husband’s affair? What do you do when spouses have different views on finances?



NEW EPISODE:  Why do couples remember two different versions of an event? How do I deal with my husband’s annoying habits? A woman who has recently become a Christian is struggling with cohabiting with her man now that she’s saved.  A wife needs help dealing with her husband’s bad breath. How do I deal with my husband who constantly plays video games? A husband is playing second fiddle to the dog.



NEW EPISODE: Do not get married unless you ask these 15 questions. A woman fixes her sexless marriage. Are “alternative forms” of sex ok? Should an adult child confront her father’s infidelity? What about dating a divorced person? How much say do parents have over the dating decisions of their adult kids?



NEW EPISODE: Ten reasons why couples stay in troubled marriages. Can a wife demand that her husband does a porn treatment program? A man wonders if he missed his youth by remaining abstinent. Is it possible for men and women to be “just friends”? How do I get over the guilt of my divorce? Should grown children cut their parents out of their life? A wife needs help with her husband who is not interested in sex and another wife writes for advice about her husband’s inability to achieve orgasm.



NEW EPISODE! 5 horrible pieces of dating advice. A husband wonders if he should give his wife the separation that she wants. Is online dating a good option? Should couples use fertility treatments? A wife wants to know if it makes her selfish if she leaves her husband after six years of marriage.



NEW SHOW! Is separating worse than divorce? A mom needs help after her teenage daughter confesses to having sex. A husband wants to know if he should give up a job opportunity so his wife doesn’t have to move away from her family. A wife has racist in-laws and another has a badly behaving husband.



NEW EPISODE! A bride swaps her groom for another wedding guest mid-ceremony. An African listener has a question about the tradition of paying a dowry.  A woman wonders how handle the issue of spouses attending separate churches. A parent wants to know about “shunning” Christians for bad behavior and a husband is upset over his wife’s modesty issues and inability to talk about sex.




Mark and crew start out discussing a great article: Underage Dating: The Elephant in the Social Conservative Living Room.

Then they answer emails: A husband wants to know if women really don’t want to have sex as often as men do, a woman wonders if  in vitro fertilization is a valid option for single women, and a couple needs help connecting due to working opposite shifts.



THE BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW: Jail time for striking your wife with genitalia? How many things do you need to be attracted to in a person to know they are the one to marry? Is it a sin to be attracted to another person if you are already in a relationship? If I’ve broken off the affair, must I tell my spouse…even if I know it will put an immediate end the marriage?