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Be-Attitudes of Marriage: When Jesus sat down for his amazing Sermon on the Mount, he began by sharing nine simple truths: Blessed are the poor in spirit, blessed are those that mourn, blessed are the meek, etc… we call them the “beatitudes”.

Mark shares his “Nine Be-Attitudes” for a successful marriage. Nine ways for you to “be” in order for you to experience the kind of marriage God intends for you to have.



Single guys who are terrible housekeepers. Why does Mark feel sorry for people who have feelings for someone who isn’t their spouse? Denying the sexual needs of your spouse. Dealing with the issue of electronics in the family. A guy needs help dealing with his masturbation habit. What are the roles of husbands and wives in a marriage?



Married + Monogamous = Best Sex. Why am I so terrible at dating? Are pastors obligated to share their past history or not? Do most people know or suspect when their spouse is cheating on them? How do you deal with an out of wedlock pregnancy in your family? A young man needs help to get over the fact that his girlfriend isn’t a virgin and a wife is looking for advice after her husband of 44 years left her for another woman.




How does a strong grandparent/grandchild relationship benefit both? A guy makes “demands” of God for the girl he wants–and she’s 28 years younger than he is!  A new husband writes in because his bride is depressed over things she wishes were different about the wedding. A listener has mother-in-law issues and a husband gets busted for having two affairs at the same time.



Should the guy or the girl pay for the date? How can I deal with and get over my boyfriend’s sexual past? Can a man and woman just live together to share resources if they aren’t having sex?  Can love make any marriage work? How do we turn our sex life back on again after deployment? What TV shows are okay for Christians to watch?



Sex addiction isn’t real. A woman emails saying she is having trouble reaching the kind of orgasm Mark describes in his seminar. What traits did Mark look for when he dated his wife? How do you know it’s “the one”? Is a 17 year age gap problematic in a marriage? Should divorced/single people date while they still have teenagers at home? What does “knowing who you are in Christ” mean? Is it okay for women to masturbate?