NEW EPISODE: Why do some new marriages fail so fast? How do I get my husband’s attention back on me instead of his hobby? Parents want to know how to help their 18-year-old daughter get over a heartbreaking breakup with her boyfriend.  A woman wonders if “ex-sex” is okay with her husband now that they are divorced. Should I end my engagement if I can’t get beyond my fiancé’s sexual past? How do I control my sexual desire that is distracting me from God?


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One Response to “04-03-2017”

  1. jubilee says:

    one reason.. IMO why singles need a MARRIAGE COUNSELOR before marriage.. IS, BECAUSE SHE IS ALREADY PREGNANT!!
    and want someone to try to ‘make it work’
    or.. she is over 30–and want just one more chance..
    this is why.. marriage. and family should be for women even in front of GOING TO COLLEGE..

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