NEW EPISODE: Study links church attendance with marriage stability.  A couple needs help breaking away from the use of some harmful sexual fantasy. Is spending quality family time more important than going to church on a Sunday? Is it possible for people to disagree with each other without arguing? How do I submit to a husband with a diagnosed mental illness? A young man asks: Should I take medication to help lower my sex drive?


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2 Responses to “02-13-2017”

  1. Ani says:

    I think for the first question, last weeks advice just to keep doing it might help. It is silly to expect that after years of fantasy, her wife will orgasm without it just like that. They have to find away for her to reach it without it, and it only can work by trial and error… It is silly to wait two months and then just go back to the old way… And feel the guilt again.

  2. BC says:

    As a husband of a wife who has a husband with ADD (re the letter after the last break), I need to remind Mark of his own saying – people write to you putting themselves in the best light, exaggerate the faults of the other and the truth is somewhere in between.

    What the wife described is the stereotype of ADD, and then there is the rest of the story. Now much of what she is describing might be true from her perspective, but I hear the absolutes in her comments (always, never, etc.) and wonder if they are truly absolutes or if these might have occurred, but maybe not to the level that she describes.

    You did give a great response for the wife of the guy who lost the $50k. I would recommend that advice instead for the innocent failures she lists as those of us with ADD will have the best of intentions even though our attention might be lacking. However for the verbal abuse issues she lists, then you were correct to confront as that’s not acceptable (again, this is coming from the guy with ADD) – oh look, there’s a squirrel….

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