NEW EPISODE: Does divorce lead children from faith? A couple disagrees about church attendance while on vacation, a divorced mom with teens wonders about remarriage before the kids are grown and flown, a wife is troubled because she craves attention from other men. Mark has great insight on the necessity of “reminding”, a guy wants to know why a year is the standard for being porn/masturbation free, and a mom wants to know about her teens going on group dates.


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One Response to “12-05-2016”

  1. Jeremy says:

    I like this show because its more relaxing with just the two of you. No offense to Phil ofcourse. My main comment though is how you described the damages of masturbation. When I add up all the portions you’ve done on that subject, the version here is a nice touch up. It makes everything more complete. That’s all I’m saying. So thanks…

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