NEW EPISODE: 7 Marriage Mistakes Even Smart Couples Make. How can one deal with apathy and a porn problem? A wife needs advice after she finds out her husband is involved with his former fiancĂ©. A Christian married to an unbeliever wonders how to restore her marriage. How do I know if I’m ready to date or marry again after divorce?


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3 Responses to “10-10-2016”

  1. Laura Nunez says:

    Hello I’m in a ministry at our church. My husband and I have spoken to the leader about fellow leaders that have made it clear to everyone they are living together and don’t plan on getting married. They say they are just roommates. But admit they had sex in the past. We have asked the leader to not allow them to lead others in this ministry. Still as of tonight they had both of them up on stage leading the meeting in various ways. I Laura have younger women I mentor and are staying pure and feel this is a poor example for them and others. I also mentored the lady in question I spoke openly with her and said I cannot mentor her any further under these conditions. I want to leave the ministry. My husband suggested I email Pastor Gungor for feedback. In Him, Laura Thank you for your time.

  2. Ani says:

    The problem is, if a parent never follow through their threats, the children learn not to take their parents seriously. So if she has no back bone he won’t take her seriously until she follows through.

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