NEW EPISODE: Can “Facebragging” fuel divorce? A married guy has trouble in his marriage after he went to a movie with a single woman.  A husband and wife are arguing about the frequency of sex. The Mrs. wants him to get rid of the dogs he’s had since before they were married. A single woman wants to have sex but doesn’t think marriage is the answer. A young man is struggling with the fact that his girl had sex with other men before him.


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One Response to “10-03-2016”

  1. Anitra says:

    I was just thinking, about the last question. He says he loves here and thus thinks that they will work through it. But the truth is if he really loves this woman he should break up with her, because he will make her miserable always bringing up her past mistakes, never letting her free.. Always blaming her and being jealous. And if he isn’t the woman should be doing it, I just recently read an article about a guy abusing his wife, always shaming her out of his own insecurities, they shouldn’t have gotten married in the first place. Sad I hope this man will listen to your advice.

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