NEW EPISODE:  Four simple ways to get your wife in the mood. Mark discusses the human sexual response cycle. A woman asks a question about generational curses.


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5 Responses to “09-26-2016”

  1. jubilee says:

    “arousal and desire”.. around 15:00
    is one of the reasons, women were told not to ‘desire’ guys in the first place—
    if they didn’t, and played ‘coy’ it led to LONGER MARRIAGES

  2. jubilee says:

    —HMMM as far as men having NO DESIRE???
    i always wonder, if he has a ‘porn problem’ -since most MEN seem to be like light switches…IMO

  3. jubilee says:

    YOU FORGOT to mention… SHE Said she was 29 and HE was 22
    which in itself could be a major problem–guys take longer to mature……
    if it was a 22 year old WOMAN and a 29 year old man.. it would be a different story… (not counting the ‘curses’–in fact.. its actually whaT THEY see.. NOT what curses ‘are’)

  4. Rebecca Ruth Gill says:

    The Mark Gungor show is strengthening to our family. Every nugget of wisdom helps us on our journey with God. What made us giggle and press “rewind” was the expression on Diane’s face when she exclaims, “But it’s GOOD!”

  5. Kinga Szep says:

    To the “generational curse” topic: You are absolutely right. God would not punish belivers for the sins of their ancestors. However, if our parents wreck their lives by wrongdoing, their children have to climb out of the wreckage, which takes time and conscious effort. I think the often-used term “breaking a generational curse” refers to this situation.

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