NEW EPISODE: Millennials marry young if their mother married young–and stayed married! Why don’t more couples find happiness in their marriage? A wife has issues with her husband’s close female friend. A young woman has concerns after fiancĂ© admits he wouldn’t keep a child born with disabilities. A wife doesn’t want to be the initiator for sex all the time. A young woman needs advice on how to communicate her need for more affection from her boyfriend.


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One Response to “09-19-2016”

  1. Joani says:

    Sometimes I think that you guys don’t really pay attention to the emails you receive. Your advice is sound, but it doesn’t always fit the situation. For example, the last email that a twenty-five year old woman wrote about a man she’d been dating for three weeks not showing her enough affection… Seriously! She’s only been dating the guy for three weeks!!! What is she wanting? Maybe he is a nice, respectable young man who wants to figure out how he feels about her before he gets all physically involved and loses his ability to think objectively. Maybe he hasn’t had the vast dating experience that this woman has obviously had. My guess is she’s gone too far in previous relationships and is looking for something too physical too soon. I think he’s the one who should dump her.

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