40% of U.S. weddings are remarriages. When it is forgiveness and when is it just being a sucker? What should be discussed about sex during premarital instruction? What do Perfect Country people want most in life? Can a couple kiss during dating or will that cross the line to touching?  How can we make our long distance relationship work when my girlfriend doesn’t like to talk on the phone?


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4 Responses to “05-09-2016”

  1. whatsup says:

    so why is the archive stripped of 2017? why did the site go down for a while? whats mark up to ? etc etc etc

    • Diane says:

      We lost the whole page from our hosting site a couple weeks ago when they accidentally deleted it! They repaired the mess but as of yet, it isn’t fully restored. Not sure if they can, so for now, it is what it is! :-)

      P.S. We are also discontinuing production of the show for now, so there won’t be any new episodes unless we decide to reboot it!

  2. whatsup says:

    i see. ok, thanks to you all for a great show over the years! mark certainly deserves to do what ever he needs to do, given his priorities and age (giggle…), and you probably deserve back-pay :-) . anyway, theres plenty of wisdom in all the archives to help people ‘extrapolate’ a positive way of handling a lot of their life issues. even so, like mark stated in his march 14 2012 show (from 4 minutes)… to put it one way, wisdom is guidelines of righteousness that promote healthy relationships and prosperity. wisdom doesnt reverse sins already committed nor all the damage they caused.

  3. Barry says:

    Discontinuing the show??? Oh wow, that’s really, REALLY too bad. I listened to the show & really, REALLY enjoyed it. I have listened to the MGS on my iPod from the very beginning…with Debbie Chavez & haven’t missed an episode. I just wish there had been a “last show”, announcing this. I actually didn’t know this UNTIL I came to this site. I thot there was an issue with my iTunes and/or iTunes feed, since the last show was July 31, then the next show was May of 2016. I am really, REALLY…I mean REALLY going to miss this show!!! I understand “it is what it is”, but your show was NOT “just another show”, it was life-changing! It was a way to keep me (& anyone else) based in reality & from doing something stupid…REALLY stupid! In a day of strong delusion, & the STRONG temptation from “porn-like” or should I say a VERY sexualized society, where porn is normal & very much ok, where having an affair and/or being gay is “normal”, your show was the “stabilizer” that kept me, & I m sure many others rooted in Biblical thinking & values…& from having an affair with someone other than their wife. I’ve never been or felt “gay”, but have been really, REALLY tempted to have an affair with someone other than my wife, but your show has shown me the insanity & disaster that would be for everyone else in my life, not just me. THANK YOU soooooo much!!!

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