NEW EPISODE: 4 Fatal Relationship Mistakes. A woman is insecure and jealous about the attention her partner gets from other women. What is an adult child’s role when his parents divorce? A guy wants to learn to laugh more. What is an appropriate age range for one’s “dating pool”? Should I wait to hear a “yes” from God before I look for a spouse?


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2 Responses to “04-25-2016”

  1. Daniel says:

    To the lady who is wondering if she should wait to hear a yes from God regarding dating, I want to vouch for Mark on his answer in this podcast. I once had a young adults pastor give this “great” story about how he met his wife in ministry instead of going on a hundred dates. I know what he was trying to say was not to obsess over trying to find a wife/husband so as to not interfere with the job God want’s you to do. But I, a 26 year old male, took offense to the tag line the pastor used which was “God will bring you a wife/husband”.

    Knowing that God requires action in our faith, I did what any good fella would do when you can’t meet a Christian girl at church because over half the congregation gobbled up this malarkey: go online dating! I paid for a year’s subscription on eHarmony and met a sweet girl just over a month who I would in a year ask to be my wife. We just celebrated our fifth anniversary (poor thing LOL).

    It should be noted that the same sweet girl I mentioned was in the process of shutting down her eHarmony account just as we were being matched. If I had listened to that ninnyhammer, I would never have met my wife! Go find and be found for Heaven’s sake!

  2. jubilee says:

    everything sounded good until you mentioned you were a “MALE”. (best to use MAN or even GUY). Daniel… i actually hate those terms, MALE & FEMALE when it comes to identifying yourself..
    its best to use the term LADY or WOMAN

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