NEW EPISODE: You could regret that divorce in five years. The hyperbole of Martin Luther. How do you deal with the “no sex” time after the birth of the baby? My husband thinks I can never say no to sex. How can I help my wife to learn to be more selfless? A couple of college girls have questions about dating.


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One Response to “04-04-2016”

  1. erickajen says:

    isnt it a little contradictory, again, to say on one hand that we must give to each other, that its dangerous if you dont, and that “other things” is a bad idea (like masturbation, porn and etc)
    and THEN turn around and tell someone that its ridiculous that they “cant” have sex, or that the stress over having to avoid or not being able to have sex.

    so if you struggle with masturbation or porn and you’re trying to get past that… how do you deal with long periods of being unable to have sex? like i said, its a contradiciton and hypocritical to say those things are bad, but that “other things” can be done?!?! and that its bad to worry about how you might fall during the post pregnancy (or any other) time period?!
    your theories have some holes.

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