NEW EPISODE: A company will give you a loan for your wedding…and you only pay it back if you get divorced! Is it okay for young couples getting married to live with their parents to start out? Should you intervene if you know your brother is having an affair? What marriage advice does Mark have for second marriages? A wife needs help dealing with her overly sensitive husband. Should newly married couples buy a home or rent? Does one need to fast and pray to discern if they should date a certain person?


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2 Responses to “02-15-2016”

  1. Daniel says:

    I’m with Team Gungor regarding the “assumed” young lady on the fence about renting or buying. I do have a caveat: buy a house if you able to go into it for the long haul and (probably the only real reason) only if the house you’re looking for is where you plan to settle down.

    I can tell you from personally experience that I’ve worked with clients who flipped homes and are drowning! It’s technically possible to make money on homes as an investment, but these days it’s extremely high risk. Buy a home for the purpose of buying YOUR home.

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