NEW EPISODE:  9 things married men need to stop doing. A new bride doesn’t want to take her husband’s last name. Is separation just a “pre-divorce?” How does one help someone else stop a porn addiction?


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2 Responses to “01-18-2016”

  1. Daniel says:

    Heads up Team Gungor!
    There is no audio between 9:01 and 11:39 in the video podcast. This is during Mark’s commercial break.

  2. erickajen says:

    theres an app out there now, “overcome porn: 40 day challenge” and thats the first step is to have someone to be accountable to. it seemed the first suggestion is the spouse, but then they cautioned sometimes they can be too close to the situation to be able to ask the firm questions and stuff about how a person is doing.

    also i wonder: if you recommend opening up certain problems to friends and/or family… then how does your rant about not having accountibility fit into that? its like you’re saying to open up the problem to make someone accountable to their bad behavior, then turning around and saying that they are too weak and shouldnt have to have accountability to stop porn/masturbation?

    because having an accountability person would add another level of shame to whether or not you fall in the moment your tempted. wouldnt it?

    check out the app maybe. i dont know anything else about it, so i cant speak to the entire program it offers.

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