NEW EPISODE: Best Marriage Advice–Don’t badmouth your spouse. Always wear your wedding ring. A husband constantly tells his wife that she needs a mentor. A wife is concerned with the relationship her husband has with a co-worker. A woman says her husband won’t have sex with her and it constantly leads to fighting. Mark discusses the importance of confronting bad behavior in marriage. What is Mark’s opinion about kissing before the wedding day?


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One Response to “01-04-2016”

  1. Daniel says:

    38:57 Mark: “I know!! What are they thinking?!”
    Diane: (pauses a moment) “I don’t know!”

    There was a missed opportunity here that I couldn’t pass up! Greetings from the Way Back Machine: “Why? What’s the significance of this: *I DON’T KNOW!*

    Yea! I finally listened to every archived broadcast of the show! Loving every minute!

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