NEW EPISODE:  More of the best marriage advice ever. A woman wonders if she should use prayer like in the movie “War Room” to solve her marriage issues.  Mark talks about the “peace natured” people of the world and how they can best function in relationships. A young woman wonders why God would send her a boyfriend who is not a Christian.


Click here for the link to Mark’s sermon “What Prayer Is Not”


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2 Responses to “11-30-2015”

  1. Debbie says:

    Excellent show!! I have watched the movie, “War Room” and got annoyed with it because everything started working out when the woman started praying. I found it very unrealistic and I felt bad for the women who watched that movie and have been praying for their husbands and they got cheated on anyway.

  2. Marianne says:

    Here’s one of the main quotes from the main lesson in the movie about which you spoke but never watched:
    “There’s no magic in the
    location you pray, but Scripture does say to go into your
    inner room and pray in secret, and your Heavenly Father,
    who sees what’s done in secret, will reward you. Now get
    rid of any distractions, and focus your heart and mind on
    Him. Acknowledge that He is God and that you desperately
    need Him. Now, be grateful for your blessings, but lift
    your needs and requests to Him. If you’ve got something
    to confess, then confess it. Ask Him for forgiveness, then
    choose to believe Him when He says that He loves you
    and will take care of you. Then pray for the heart of your
    husband, your daughter and anyone else that the LORD
    brings to your mind. And don’t rush it. You take your time.
    And then you listen.”

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