NEW EPISODE: 4 thoughts that harm your marriage. A couple is fighting over starting a family: She wants kids and he doesn’t. What do men look for in a future spouse? A wife is frustrated ¬†because her husband isn’t open about how he handles their money. A couple is worried about their daughter’s over-controlling fianc√©.


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One Response to “11-16-2015”

  1. Daniel says:

    Hi ya folks! I actually have an identical twin brother and I also share in Mark’s sick humor! My brother, who’s name also happens to be Mark, and I used to be asked constantly if we ever traded places in school. We decided to give it whirl by dressing identically and swapping our seats in the third grade for one day. This was the only time we switched places in class.

    By the end of the day we had revealed to the class that we had fooled everybody and our teacher. Naturally everybody was left confused and bewildered. For the rest of the school year, our class had always wondered if that was the only time we had ever traded places. Best day ever.

    On a funny and personal note, I have attended a class in college with a pair of twins who pulled a double take on my brother and me. In a way, the powers that be decided I should have a taste of my own medicine. I also met and fell in love with my wife who just happened to have an identical twin sister herself! (currently imagining all the comments that Pastor Mark would have to say about this)

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