NEW EPISODE: Husbands can be nagged to death? What is an emotional affair and what should a concerned spouse do about it? What is a wife to do when the husband takes control of all their money? Should a guy always “lead” in the dating relationship?


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  1. April says:

    I went through this recently with my husband. He had connected with an ex girlfriend when he went home without us. He kissed her and after he returned home had continued to talk and text her. I found out by looking at his text messages, he told he loved her and couldn’t imagine his life without her. Aside from their kissing nothing more physical happened, their conversations even led her to offer to move to be with him so he could still live near our children. I considered what he did as an affair even though they didn’t have sex.

  2. HP says:

    Hi, y’all !
    First of all : I have seen 99% of your shows even before Dianne was on it.
    You guys do GREAT (and needed) stuff.
    I just had to drop this note to you guys because I just had so much fun just seeing Dianne go nuts ! I really needed the laugh… Thanks!

    God bless you guys !

  3. Marianne says:

    You’ve trivialized emotional affairs here. My husband completely shut me out emotionally when he started seeing this other woman. They went on dates twice (once to a movie, once on a hike through the woods) and sent each other naked pictures via text message. He poured his time and energy into that relationship while shutting me out. He was in the military and we were unable to live together due to military orders and deployment at the time. The other woman worked for the military. He claimed the reason he pursued this other woman (which started with him taking off his wedding ring and “bumping into her”) was because I wasn’t physically there. He hasn’t been able to emotionally connect with me ever since. You talk like it’s no big deal. It’s a HUGE deal. It’s been devastating for our marriage. When people like you come along and try to make the women who are HURTING out to be someone who’s just overreacting, you are giving these men a free pass and it’s not okay.

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