NEW EPISODE: Pet peeves about middle-aged men’s online dating profiles. ¬†Are all second marriages not “true covenant” marriages? What questions should a woman ask a man she is dating to see if he is truly born again? A man needs help dealing with conflict. Another man wants to know how to deal with his sister who is in a same-sex relationship. How long should you wait to marry after someone becomes a Christ follower? A wife is upset because her husband won’t tell her what he talks about with his therapist.


3 Responses to “10-19-2015”

  1. curious says:

    Hi Diane. The video is smaller than normal, it has a black border around it all,. Anyway I liked your question after 14 min about whether or not to fix a previous marriage breakdown after becoming a christian and realizing the divorce was wrong. I think when its too late to fix an unnecessarily lost marriage, its sad, but all one can do is ask God for his forgiveness, perhaps even the previous spouse’s forgiveness also, and if need be any children involved. Of course, unless the other spouse is a christian and willing to reconcile then I’m sure its just all about free will. We cant change the past literally, and we cant violate another person’s will. So as Mark said, after all the repenting, just receive God’s grace and move forward. The damage, as usual, is another life lesson.

  2. curious says:

    Oh i forgot. after 35 min Phil doesn’t agree with Mark about evangelistic dating. However I still agree with Mark. I don’t think it’s harmful to give someone the opportunity to receive salvation and giving them a date in return. Because no promises of relationship are made. It’s just a date agreement. No promises for something further. No obligation to fall in love. No obligation to date again. It’s just an agreement. The only thing I can agree with about guys is that they say and do what ever it takes to land the girl. So whether or not the salvation happens or is genuine, a girl is under no obligation to go further than that one date. the agreement is a matter of free will, just as salvation is. there’s no need for any deep emotional ties from just one date. so many people who date have selfish reasons anyway, so why should this version be an exception? is it eternally bad for any date to involve a possible salvation?

  3. Daniel says:

    Regarding online dating, my wife will attest that you will meet your fair share of weirdos through online dating. For example, the poor girl had the misfortune of meeting and marrying me as a result of online dating! (Just joking we are happily married but we did meet online through eHarmony)

    But, my wife had to talk to quite a few nutters before eventually getting around to my profile (and at that point she was ready to give up and close her account). The point is there are creeps online just as there are creeps in the real world. People need to carefully vet who they are dating and even more so when it’s somebody online for every obvious reason. As a funny note, my wife actually had a friend pull some strings with the DMV to gather more info on me while we were talking online before we started dating.

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