NEW EPISODE: The happiest parents have 4 or more children. How can a woman discern a man’s true character and not be fooled when he is faking the godly lifestyle? How do I handle my boyfriend who says he never wants to marry? Should I always try to look good for my husband even if he doesn’t seem to care? What is the right answer to the question “how far can we go” with sex when dating? What do I do with my husband’s porn habit?


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2 Responses to “10-12-2015”

  1. erickajen says:

    im expecting my 3rd, it was not planned at all! when i was a little girl i dreamed of an older boy and younger girl, and that was it. i got that! :)
    BUT i KNOW that God’s got the right idea. i know parents with more are happier, i hear it from you and other places… but i tend to be overwhelmed with life and chaos.
    obviously, God is changing all that, He is doing what is best for ME, not what I think is best for me. i can already feel im more relaxed about certain things than i was 7 months ago. so i know its working already. :) cant wait to see how different i am, how the obsessiveness and neurotic behavior i have goes away or just lowers or whatever. (im autistic too so its a whole set of anxiety that connects to that – different than regular anxiety… but i digress)…

    anyway. i LOVE that God took control and is doing this. i didnt at first. but i am so in love with it now. and guess what? now it REALLY doesnt pay for me to work, so i can relax a little on that side. its a sacrifice, but its WORTH IT. we homeschool too so its going to just be an awful beautiful life. i just want to be continually changed into a more peaceful, patient, less stressed mom. and i know God is doing that through the blessing of more kids.

  2. erickajen says:

    OH! not to mention how this is going to help and change my oldest, also with autism! :) he changed a lot with his sister, but every addition just blesses us by molding us more into what God wants for us. :) i love it.

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