5 horrible pieces of dating advice. A husband wonders if he should give his wife the separation that she wants. Is online dating a good option? Should couples use fertility treatments? A wife wants to know if it makes her selfish if she leaves her husband after six years of marriage.


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  1. Daniel says:

    3:21 Cheers Mark on calling the concept of just waiting to find somebody moronic instead of an oxymoron! Although I will go one better to say that technically it is an oxymoron. It’s a moronic idea that is powered by an ox! *Cue rim-shot for really bad joke*

    For years I had pastors jam down my ear about serving in ministry and waiting for God to bring you the right person as you will meet he/she in said ministry. While that can technically happen and I’m not against a single person serving the church and God, this is a poor concept as it will set singles up for failure. You will have folks that do nothing but pray to have a spouse, but will not actively step out in faith through actions to seek a spouse.

    Talking from personal experience. Met my wife on eHarmony over six years ago even though we were both going to the same big church for years and married for four years going on “ever after”. :D

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