NEW EPISODE: 3 things I wish my parents had told me about sex. A mom and dad disagree about what music their teenage daughter should listen to. A wife wonders what her responsibility is to her diabetic husband who refuses to seek treatment for his illness. What is Mark’s advice for someone who is not super emotional but is married to a highly emotional person? A wife with a nagging problem needs help. ¬†Could my husband be afraid to have sex with me because I’m pregnant? A 32-year-old bachelor has porn and masturbation issues and a man laments staying a virgin till his wedding night.


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3 Responses to “08-31-2015”

  1. Mike says:

    To the wife whose husband is diabetic:
    I would tell her to say to her husband, Fine, have it your way. Don’t complain to me when you have to pee every 5minutes. Or when you crash the car because your eyes are too blurry and you can’t see. Don’t complain to me when you have an IV sticking in your arm because you’re too dehydrated. You made the choice buster. So was it worth it???

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