NEW EPISODE: The most popular pieces of bad marriage advice. A pastor’s wife has problems with her husband. A man wants to know if separation works to save the marriage when it’s the wife behaving badly. Does forgiveness require reconciliation of a relationship? Should a husband or wife tell their spouse of a past transgression of marital unfaithfulness…even if it was years ago? How can parents raise their boys to be sexually pure in a sex-soaked world? An emailer wonders if “phone sex” is considered sex.


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One Response to “08-10-2015”

  1. L.J. says:

    This idea that remarriage is OK, should be discouraged from the Christian community.. As far as scriptures is concerned, remarriage is adultery.. the exception is very narrow, in which, the female lost her virginity to another man before the marriage and this was unknown to the husband-to-be.. Other than that, its adultery..

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