NEW EPISODE: Four things every husband should say to his wife.  A young girl wonders how to deal with her emerging hormones. A man is concerned after a male friend attempted to kiss his wife. A listener has questions about his honeymoon being less than enjoyable. A guy wants to know how to become “unaddicted” from porn and masturbation. A woman wonders if fostering children is a good idea. A girl’s family hates her boyfriend, what should she do?


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4 Responses to “07-27-2015”

  1. jubilee says:

    “BILL!! I love you so, I’ve always will”
    that was in 1969, and it seems like girls are more silly today…”just look at the lyrics of that song, and you see what happened after”
    WE DID..the thing that McCoo was singing about!

  2. jubilee says:

    COULDN’T HELP LISTENING to what happened to men.. and how PORN changes them 29:50
    I’m also GLAD, they could HEAL from this
    “is that why there seems to be FEWER ‘real men’ today”
    and too many boys who are over 35? with higher voices?
    from their testosterone being spilt every day?

  3. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for your advice on the fostering children situation. The way you presented it made me understand and see what would be best for the children. As I still hope that someday maybe I could change the life of a child in need I now understand that it is not the right time and it may never be. It’s something that I have to accept. And you are right they do need strong parental figures to help them through the difficulty they already have in their life. I appreciate the way you talked about the situation and now understand my in laws response. I felt at first it was them just saying I am a terrible mother but now I realize it was not that and that it’s because I do need to be strong and fully able to help them deal with the hard times they are going through and not adding to their baggage. Thank you so much for making the answers clearer to me. God Bless.

  4. Emmie says:

    He’s right, but I wish he would be more helpful to the guys that send these emails about addictions. The most important thing to do when addicted to anything is to replace a behavior with another one. He says “just stop,” and that doesn’t solve anything. With all other addictions, people encourage them to do something else (chew gum instead of tobacco, etc.). These guys are used to doing some activity that gets their heart rate up; why not suggest they take up running, swimming, or something else that redirects their train of thought when they are tempted? Also, getting out of the house, being active, staying busy…all those things help. Porn addiction and masturbation usually are the pastimes of men who are horny, home alone, and with flexible schedules!

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