NEW EPISODE: What does it say about couples who “over share” on Facebook? Is it possible to get married too soon? How can I get over feelings of resentment toward my wife because she only wants to have one child? Is there a way to balance all the demands on a wife and mother? A guy has questions about whether he should marry his baby-momma and a young woman needs advice about “babysitting” her boyfriend. Should a girl stay with the boy she lost her virginity to if it’s out of wedlock? A husband needs help getting over his wife’s affair, another husband wants to know if he could divorce his wife after counseling didn’t work, and a young mom wants advice on being new parents.


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  1. Tim Kelley says:

    Just thought I would make a comment on the last email read on the show this week. ( The non appliance guy) Mark might think of himself as the perfect stallion but here in the real world men do struggle with performance (Not being able too) in bed. Maybe instead running off on some rant we and Mark could stop and pray for a creative miracle in his body. I can only imagine the feeling of emasculation he feels. I do agree that he should help her in her sexual needs though( Duh). Not being able to perform for your wife would hard enough and then bring appliances into the bedroom probably makes him feel even worst. God has showed me over the past few years how much he care for what goes on in the bedroom. He wants to bless (married couples) sex lives so that we don’t need all these so called worldly spice up.

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