NEW EPISODE:  Why do couples remember two different versions of an event? How do I deal with my husband’s annoying habits? A woman who has recently become a Christian is struggling with cohabiting with her man now that she’s saved.  A wife needs help dealing with her husband’s bad breath. How do I deal with my husband who constantly plays video games? A husband is playing second fiddle to the dog.


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One Response to “06-08-2015”

  1. Bethany Thorsness says:

    Mr. Gungor, you made the comment that you can’t understand why there are so many adult children who are worried about what their parents think. Why don’t they get just get married? I would suggest that it it’s because our stupid culture has made the whole marriage ceremony into something it was never meant to be. I think they are looking for their parents to foot the bill for elaborate weddings and are afraid to offend in case the money would be withheld. In some cases are waiting to marry until they can “afford” these big weddings themselves and they are totally missing the point of the whole thing to begin with. I’m a wedding planner and I’m always saddened to hear how they just can’t afford to get married right now. What they always mean is they can’t afford a wedding gown, cake, venue, caterer, etc. They can afford to get married, they can’t afford a big party. I agree, just marry the girl!

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