NEW EPISODE: Do not get married unless you ask these 15 questions. A woman fixes her sexless marriage. Are “alternative forms” of sex ok? Should an adult child confront her father’s infidelity? What about dating a divorced person? How much say do parents have over the dating decisions of their adult kids?


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One Response to “06-01-2015”

  1. my2cents says:

    I like this show because it emphasised respectful confrontation in dealing with problems. Also, I like Mark’s bottom line about self control. So many people find convenience and take ‘comfort’ in justifying their sin just because they can ‘categorise’ themselves, especially if the law of the land backs them, whether homosexual/gay, “born this way”, “it’s in my genes”, etc… Wrong is not right, and consequences prove the difference. Just look into the true consequences and you’ll begin to find “better” reasons to do what’s right. Interesting that the bible says “..they will call what’s good, evil, and evil, good”. Isaiah 5v20.

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