NEW EPISODE: Ten reasons why couples stay in troubled marriages. Can a wife demand that her husband does a porn treatment program? A man wonders if he missed his youth by remaining abstinent. Is it possible for men and women to be “just friends”? How do I get over the guilt of my divorce? Should grown children cut their parents out of their life? A wife needs help with her husband who is not interested in sex and another wife writes for advice about her husband’s inability to achieve orgasm.


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One Response to “05-25-2015”

  1. my2cents says:

    Good show. Rather vocal aye Diane? :-) I agree with Mark’s thinking that unfaithfulness should include purposely depriving your spouse of sexual fulfillment, because sex is at the heart of marriage exclusivity… one of the biggest reasons men marry. Depriving your spouse can push them into alternatives like porn, masturbation, fornication, or adultery. Then who’s to blame? Both. Ofcourse, it does open a can of worms like you said Diane, because many are selfish and corrupt. The world takes one immoral stance and reasons itself into passing law to justify more immorality. Selfishness is a broad path, but righteousness is narrow.

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