BEST OF THE MARK GUNGOR SHOW:  How is the “guyological clock” changing the dating game? What can a couple do when they have “outgrown” each other? What is an appropriate age for children to stop breastfeeding?


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  1. Ericka says:

    You should be careful how you talk about autism. I have autism and I don’t consider myself to be “mutated” or a “birth defect”. It is a brain difference like people who are good at building/fixing cars vs people who aren’t. God made me this way and that is fine with me!

    You are totally wrong about breastfeeding. It’s not about not wanting to tell baby no. It’s about “a fulfilled need goes away, an unfulfilled need turns into an undesirable habit”. It’s not my letter but that’s not what it’s about. Self weaning is about a child naturally outgrowing the need OR the mom no longer desiring the practice in which case she will gently and respectfully say no and wean.

    I nursed both my babies. My son self weaned at 20 months. He literally signed “milk” and said no, and that was it. My little girl isn’t ready yet. But we are to the point where I DO tell her no when it’s not a good time or whatever. I am in control, even though I respect her need for that love.

    You said you don’t k ow anything about it don’t make it into something it is not. I don’t know any long term breastfeeding parents who are like what you describe.

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