“You Say You Want a Revolution?” – the Beatles

We need a revolution.

When I grew up in the 60’s, young people rebelled against materialism and morality.  We said “Enough!!” and fought back against the establishment – an establishment we regarded as corrupt and clueless.  When it came to a war we thought unjust we chanted, “Hell no, we won’t go!!”  When it came to materialism we said, “We don’t want it!!”, and walked about with no shoes and holes in our jeans.  And when it came to traditional morality, we rejected it and gave ourselves to free sex, drugs and rock and roll.  It had an enduring impact on our nation.  And while the rejection of materialism was a positive reminder that there are more important things to life than possessions, the plunge into immorality has been devastating.

Today, four decades later, as I look at the Evangelical Christian Church (now as a pastor, husband, father and grandfather) I can’t help but believe we are in need of another revolution.  This time, however, we need a revolution among Christian young people – those who will go against the narcissistic thinking of their unspiritual Christian parents, a thinking that only leads to selfishness, materialism and a high divorce rate.

Our Christian young people are being destroyed today by a culture of sexual impurity – a poisonous trend that is not taken seriously enough by their clueless parents.  Our daughters rarely lay claim to being virgins on their wedding night and we have helped to produce an entire generation of young men who are porn addicts.  Our divorce rates are skyrocketing and, as a result, our grandchildren are being traumatized.

Sadly, biblical illiteracy is at an all time high.  As a result, most Christians are unaware that the Bible’s solution to sexual immorality among our young people is to simply encourage marriage (1 Cor 7).  But rather than obey the Bible, we have been polluted by a pagan culture that has convinced us that young marriage is a terrible thing.  Despite the fact that studies show the single greatest contributor to divorce is sexual activity before marriage, we foolishly ignore the dangers of sexual promiscuity and ignorantly treat it as no big deal.  “Don’t worry, Jesus will forgive you later…”  Rather than encourage purity, Christian parents encourage – no, they threaten their young people that if they marry too young they will punish them with all their strength: refuse to pay for college, refuse to pay for any wedding or even refuse to attend any such weddings.  These corrupted guardians, having been sufficiently polluted by the poison of the lust of this world, deliberately insist that their children first obtain what the Bible clearly warns them against: money, things, and the cares of this life.

“Don’t you DARE marry too young!!  You need an education first!! You need an established career first!”  Despite what Jesus taught, “You need to secure the cares of this life first and at all costs!!”

Follow Biblical teachings?  Ridiculous.

Make purity our highest priority?  Foolishness.

Serve God??  No way!!  Unless, of course, one considers money their true god.  In which case we need our education first.  Our careers first.  Our insurance plans and 401Ks first.  Our big house and flat screen TVs and BMWs first.  After all, we don’t want to offend the god of money…

Many Christian parents today have virtually zero concept of encouraging their children to put God first in their lives.  Are you kidding?! Most Christian parents don’t even tithe to their church.  Good grief, if we can’t even give a decent percentage of our money to God, why would we encourage our kids to put any effort towards putting God first in any other area?

Mormons put Evangelical Christians to shame.  Right out of high school, they encourage their young people to spend 2 years in service to God before pursuing their dreams.  Can you imagine an Evangelical church doing that?  Can you imagine the hell a pastor would pay if he encouraged the young people in his congregation to delay their plans and serve in the mission field first?  Delay college?!  Delay gratification?!!  Actually put God first?!!!  Outrageous!!!!

I fear most Christian parents today have been so poisoned – by the love of money, by the pride of life, by the cares of this world – that there is little hope of getting them to do the right thing concerning their young adults.  Most, if they were to read this post, would dismiss these thoughts almost as quickly as they could read them.  No, our hope does not lie in their potential enlightenment and eventual repentance.  Our hope lies somewhere else.  We need another revolution.  We need a revolution from the young.  But this time, rather than rebelling against materialism and morality, we need them to rebel against materialism and IMMorality.

This is not to say that earning a good income is not important.  And a college education may be the right path for them.  But the thinking must be God first, morality first, service first.  Besides, if there is one lesson people should be learning in the present economy is that certain career, savings, investments, and 401Ks are an illusion.  Better our young people pursue those things that can never be taken away from them or lost in a bad economy.

We need young people who will have enough of God in them to say “Hell no, we won’t go!”  “We don’t need all this stuff!!”  “We are going to take time and put God first.”  “Instead of losing our virginity and becoming porn addicts, we are going to marry young.”  “If you won’t pay for college, fine.  You won’t pay for the wedding, so be it.”  We need young people who will rise up and as respectfully as possible, tell their clueless Christian parents to “stick it”!  (Again, as respectfully as possible.)

Jesus warned that on judgment day many would say “Lord, lord…”, but will be shocked when he responds, “Sorry, I don’t know you.”  (Matt 7)  I can’t help but think that at the very front of that line will be 21st Century, so-called Christian parents who are more concerned that their kids make money than stay pure and honor God.

Jesus asked the question, “When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18) He never answered the question.

Will there be faith when Jesus returns?  I am not sure the answer will be yes.  Unless our youth rebel against their spiritually cold, materialist and morally clueless parents, I fear the answer may well be ”no”.

We need a revolution.

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43 Responses to ““You Say You Want a Revolution?” – the Beatles”

  1. Guy Mansbridge says:

    Thanks Mark. I appreciate and agree with your article ‘“You Say You Want a Revolution?” – the Beatles’

    It’s ENCOURAGING to see someone else say what I’ve felt for years, namely in the values of parents constantly being spoken to me as if their mine. Nope! I want to be Spirit-led, don’t want a mortgage, not to necessarily get married, buy a house and settle down with a standard job that they can barely see no other way around living in this world with… ugh.

    I’m inspired in faith by the stories of others and how God’s plans for them worked out so well (not materially, but spiritually, affecting the lives of others). I KNOW some of His promises in His Word, and they include things like Proverbs 10:3 and 1 Corinthians 10:13, so I feel safer in God’s Will (as long as I’m in it and not zealfully going out into the world without knowledge and direction).

    Yeah. Cheers Mark!! Your ministry is powerful and impacting. You gotta love being a part of the Kingdom of God doing what you do. Just a little extra to finish on. A prophecy was given to me once by a trusted church leader, who was laughing whilst giving it, saying that I will be amazed at how surprised I will be to God, saying, “Why me? Why do I GET TO DO THIS?” when His plans for my life are revealed. I SO look forward to ministry whence I finally start it. I’m reminded of this hopeful moment in my life from years ago, because of your glowing manner in the ministry God has you in.

    Love ya,

  2. Chris Dixon says:

    Another great article Mark. I’ve now been married for just over three weeks, and I can say without hesitation that MARRIAGE IS GREAT!!! There are so many benefits to doing life Gods way, and already, my wife and I are experiencing the incredible blessing of God in our lives.

    For many years I was put off marriage by the negative press both inside and outside of Church. The single biggest thing that pushed me towards giving up my selfish single lifestyle was couples who were prepared to be honest, and yet debate with me why marriage was good for them. Books and DVD’s and internet blogs are great preparation once you’re convinced that marriage Gods way is a good thing, but the individual examples of committed couples outshines everything else.

    Keep up the good work Mark, and all you married couples who aren’t ashamed to talk openly about marriage.

  3. Will says:

    I am very excited about all the outreach aimed at the millenial generation these days, but I think we are missing something. I am one of many seemingly forgotten Gen-Xers who never had the opportunity to learn the things being taught today in teen classes, frankly, because the boomers were still busy with all their 60s and 70s escapades when we were kids. It would be nice to see programs to teach those of us in our 30s-50s learn how to present the gospel in the same way the younger generation is being taught today.

    • Sarah says:

      I was born again at age 37. Through the Bible and church
      I learned what God says about sex , marriage and priorities. I prayed alot,
      taught and talked honestly (telling them my past mistakes and consequences)
      to my 4 children, ages 31 through 22. Thanks to God the 2 who are now married were virgins and the
      other 2 still are. They chose God’s way and I am so grateful to Him.
      Just a testimony that God can transform hearts to desire and trust Him in these matters.
      Parents, keep pressing on! God is so faithful!

  4. Lynette says:

    Thanks Pastor Mark for standing up for the truth of God’s word. Heaven and earth will pass away but the word of God will abide forever. That’s why need to put God first in our lives. Even more so now that we see that the signs of Jesus’ coming in the Rapture in Mathew 24, fulfilled right before our eyes! The Church is in deep slumber and needs a revolution to wake up.

  5. Rika Steenkamp says:

    Thank you for taking the truth and shoving it into people’s faces. I am a South African women and it doesn’t matter on which continent you are, marriages all around seem to be in the same trouble. No one wants to fight for it any more, it seems easier to get a divorce. This is so untrue. We should be encouraging our kids to marry younger rather than sleeping around and becoming selfish. What you say in your article really hits home. Thank you.

  6. Rebecca says:

    I love reading your posts. I did get married at a young age. 18 to be exact. To make a long and painful story short I meet my husband when i was 12 in the church. We were eachothers first but unknowingly my husband had a porn problem that engulfed him and he ended up cheating over 18 times throughout our 13 years of marriage . Currently we are going through a divorce but i can see what you are saying in your blog.

  7. Hoyt Whittington says:

    RAMAI – there’s your next campaign!!! or – DVD set. Now we just need a 12 step program to assist parents in reprograming their “brain washed” minds, right? Maybe we can use technology? The iPad, the iPhone, the BlackBerry, ….. or maybe email a decompression message of the day? How about every Pastor in America model this for his congregation! That would be a good start.

    Thank you for your boldness Mark. I know you won’t take this comment the wrong way.

    Peace, Love, Dove ….. or was it dope?


  8. Susanne Bolt says:

    I love it. I’m always, as a pastor and former youth pastor, talking with the young people about the consequences of their choices. I do question the encouragement to marry young. For some, marrying young might be the right answer but I don’t think that marrying young is the key to staying away from promiscuity and immorality. The key is to make a concious decision to put Christ first in every areana an make the decision, understanding consequences, to avoid immorality and do what the scripture says – RUN! I tell the young people that they can not make that decision while in the back seat of a car or in a compromised state of emotion. You lose everytime. You have to make that decision ahead of time. Immorality is plaguing our marriages today – it’s inflitrated through our TV sets, music etc. Marriage is not the key to staying out of immorality, although it helps. I believe staying in the word, watching and guarding the windows to the soul are the key.

  9. Amy Heilman says:

    Speak it Mark! Count me in this revolution!! I have been convicted be the Holy Spirit in these same ways you are speaking of over the past few years. I am raising my 11 & 8 year old by His truth, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test God’s will His good pleasing and perfect will for your lives!”

    Preach on brother Mark! I always enjoy hearing what you have to say!
    (Own several of your dvd’s!! Love them and I pass them around!!)

  10. Jill Thiel says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for telling the truth. My husband (of almost 32 years)and I have taught abstinence and respect but our kids think we are old fashioned and out of touch with their reality. I appreciate you writing to our kids and to us as well. Please keep up the good work. May God bless you as you stay true to Him.

  11. gmd says:

    I totally understand what you are saying, Mark, but for some of us divorce is the sad reality that we have to deal with. I could and just may write a book on the horrible way Christians treat those who have been through the trauma of divorce. That being said, I definitely think we need to definitely emphasize having HEALTHY marriages and families because I know a WHOLE lot of Christians who have “held onto their marriages” but their relationships and families are in complete shambles. It’s not just divorce that we need a revolution in….that is only a symptom of the much bigger problem!!

  12. Dan says:

    Could you please give us a link to the studies that show that sex before marriage is the primary cause of divorce? I’m having trouble finding them. The causes I see identified most often are things like communication problems, incompatibility, various kinds of abuse, infidelity, money problems, etc.

    I’d also love to read the personal stories of Mark and his staff about how their own marriages as virgin teenagers created the depth and strength of their marital bonds with their spouses. Inspirational role models are what our kids need! My wife gave me the priceless gift of her virginity on our wedding night, but after we had had sex, she was obviously very disappointed and said, “If I had known that that’s all it was going to be, I wouldn’t have waited.” So I can’t very well use my own story to inspire youngsters!

  13. Dominique says:

    This article is perfect!

    My husband and I got married under two years ago at the ages of 20 and 21. Before the wedding, it was so disheartening to hear people (including my mom) tell us we were doing the wrong thing, when we knew we were following God’s plans for our lives. I was so tired of the older generation telling me, “You’re too young,” or “Well, I guess you’re getting the first one over with early.” I mean, seriously? Why would I marry the “first one”? What’s wrong with this world and the concept of “the only one” these days?

    Anyway, you’re article is great, and I truly appreciate you and other adults telling kids that marriage is actually a good thing. It’s ok to marry your best friend and grow old together. It’s beneficial to go to school while married.

    I’m proud to be a revolution starter. I have said, “You won’t pay for college? I’ll go anyway.” “You won’t go to the wedding? Well, if you decide to come, I’ll be the one in white.”

    I’ll admit that rebellion sucked. I planned the colors, the flowers, tried on the dress, and attended the bridal shower all without my mom. Finally though, my good example paid off, and she reconciled with God, and made it to the wedding with approval.

    But rebellion was worth it. Getting married was the best decision I’ve ever made!

  14. Michelle says:

    I agree that we need a generation that values purity and morality. (My daughter’s name means pure, and beauty.) Morality has to be from God. If I had stood on God’s authority of right and wrong instead of my agnostic and generic “do no harm”, I don’t think I would have made the mistakes I made in my past. I am concerned about a lack of good role models. However, do role models bring people to Christ and knowing how much God loves us? God’s way is best, and as our Father, He wants His best for us. If I stand today as Christ’s servant, I would not want my kids caught up in a rebellion that condemns parents as spiritually cold and clueless. I agree that rebellion should be against impurity, immorality, materialism, and all other traps our enemy uses. I am a Gen-Xer. Anyone willing to forgive me and lead me in God’s goodness, I’ll accept (with discernment). Could our children be encouraged to stand up for the Truth in hopes of eventual reconciliation for parents who have gone astray? The tone of your article does seems harsh, but I do consider you as compassionate. Please do not give up hope. Maybe we will see a day when Chistians of all ages are unified in the understanding of God’s grace.

  15. June says:

    Have you heard of moralrevolution.com with Kris Vollotton? You would love this kindred spirit.

    Our kids have attended his conferences and been eternally changed for the better in just the ways you are praying for.

    God is speaking this message through many mouths today. God bless you as you effect so many millions for Him!

  16. Melissa says:

    I appreciate you challenging people to THINK Biblically. We chose to homeschool and now have 7 children, 4 of which are teenagers aged 19, 17, 15, and 14. We were very intentional in our “brain-washing” and teaching them that the Bible has an opinion on all things. NOW, they are very challenged by the teens around them, even by the youth leaders. Our oldest went to a Christian college and was the ONLY ONE who thought off-color jokes were wrong. So proud of her when she quoted to them Phil. 4 :D YES….God does have opinions, even about our entertainment. I’m not so sure God cares that we are entertained anyway…..we sure waste alot of time on entertainment. I can see my girl making a difference where she is now, this is her second year, but it has been a HUGE struggle and at first she was totally dismissed b/c she had been homeschooled. The poor kid was just so “sheltered”. Not really, we talked about EVERYTHING, just appropriately and in context. We are praying she can start a revolution where she is now….I prayed that over each of our children, that God would help them turn their world (realm of influence) “upside down” daily when they were tiny. Working it out is hard sometimes, but it CAN be done.
    THANKS for encouraging this on the adult side, we gotta get behind these kids and pay attention. We gotta train them better, teach them to search the Word, to look for who or what influence in behind things. Satan has a plan and is always working, I am amazed at the things I see in even children’s programming…..veiled influences and ideas….seeping garbage into little ones minds. Adults gotta be the adults and pay attention! Give these teens permission to “rebel” against all that is “acceptable”…………GO GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Go teens go, in the strength of God and be a Gideon….though your army is small, fight in name of the Lord and you will prevail. Be strong and courageous, unafraid to do what is right :D

  17. Lisa says:

    The Title reads, ” Is Marriage Really Till Death Do Us Part? ” in the subject line of the email/newsletter you sent, but,where do I find the answers that question? When I clicked on my email to open it up, all that shows up is, “You Say You Want A Revolution,” and the write up for only that subject.
    I really want the answer to the question, Is marriage really till death do us part?

  18. Yo Hernandez says:

    I think marriage is a joke in this country, probably globally. I’ve been saying we need a revolution for a few years now… and “I can’t wait until the Lord returns to clean house”. I’ve all but given up on humanity, or the lack thereof. It seems hopeless, but that’s not what the Bible teaches, so I keep holding out; keep praying, keep wishing, keep hoping.

  19. Martin says:

    I hesitantly agree, Mark. Ideally, there should be an openness between parents and children, ESPECIALLY when it comes to dating and marriage. Our church constitution also states that marriage should only be undertaken with much consideration and advice. You’re almost encouraging the young to rebel against their parents here. That may be indicated in some situations, but should be the exception, rather than the rule. I understand the point that many parents may not agree with an early marriage (for many reasons). Monetary security it something that wives have been looking for throughout the ages, and so I would not discard it so easily off hand by calling it making money your god. It may be a good thing, and will spare a lot of trouble if couples are having kids when they are still in training and without real income. So wisdom remains an issue here: is it wiser to wait or rather to get married early to avoid the problems you indicate? I think there is a case for both, and we cannot simply take one side over the other in this discussion.
    Maybe it has a lot to do with out educational system; people leaving uni at the age of 28 is certainly not conducive to early marriage.
    So I’d advocate for parents to consider the utility of their kids getting married early, as well as kids considering the ‘wisdom’ coming from their parents, both re timing but especially re WHO they are getting married to.

  20. Mary says:

    Thank you for this wonderful article – it is SO true – I am in the same generation, growing up in the 60′s, (remembering hearing the Beatle’s first US performance on Ed Sullivan!)

    Something my mother told me when I was very young – every time we have sex with a person, we give away a little piece of ourselves – and if we are doing that with near strangers in a non-committed relationship, pretty soon, we’ve given away ALL of ourselves, and there is nothing left but a “shell” of a person – -

    But if we are in a committed Christian marriage, we do still give up a little piece of our “self-ness” – - as does the other person, but by doing so, we are building the “one-ness” of TWO – forming a whole new creation in God, “this couple” –

    And it is a good thing……

    Thank you for your insight, and your powerful, enlightening way of getting through to people, with humor – - God has truly blessed your ministry, and with laughter, your words find their way into hearts more easily!

  21. Tony says:

    “Don’t you DARE marry too young!! You need an education first!! ..!”

    Self-control based on a healthy value system should be part of education. We have people today that has less self-control than an animal on heat.
    There is nothing wrong with education first – God has no problem with it. The problem is lack in development of self-control – NOT education first. Or put another way – the problem is the destruction of the child’s “naturally good” value system from early childhood.
    So what you say Mark: Bypass the self-control.

  22. Adam Hunt says:

    Thank you for sharing this great article.

    I think most of us now think back to our own experiences, and may realize that we waited too long to marry, or engaged in selfish pleasures only to find out it hurt us and others. My hope is that our mistakes will help teach the young generation what not to do. If they must learn from their own mistakes like many of us did, then let’s hope our experiences will help teach them there is a different path. The world is full of imperfection, but refocusing our strength through God and the teachings of Jesus can guide us all.

  23. Kathy Stevens says:

    I really like your no nonsense, no beating around the bush,pure truth. It’s about time someone said these things out loud. Thank you for caring enough about the next generation to set us all straight. Hosea 4:6

    Your sense of humor makes the medicine go down much easier. May you multiply in all ways.

  24. Angela Shaw says:

    You speak the truth!
    I dare say that Christians are handing over Marriage on a silver platter to other societal sectors to redefine it. We’ve beat it up so badly and treated it with such disrespect, the fringes of culture will pick it up, re-work it and run with it. Shame on us!

  25. Dee Burton says:

    Thank you for giving me a wonderful article to share with my 15 year old son – backing up all of the sentiments my husband and I find ourselves repeating on a daily basis. If he reads it on Facebook – it’s fact – so hopefully this will sink in further.

  26. Bobbi says:

    LOVE this! As a mother of a 16 year old girl who is active in the church and has the whole world telling her to go to college to become a mechanical engineer…I will now additionally encourage her to pursue two years in the mission field if she feels called to do so. And, imagine, if our young people went into the mission field instead of college they may be more likely to meet a God-fearing mate that provides for long-term strength in a marriage!!!

  27. Yann says:

    Amazing post Mr Gungor, you put the finger where it needs to be put and I am truly amazed ! It’s true that God has lost many places in the today world, and I think it’s a shame. God is now only used to affirm a position, mostly political, but those who do are not even able to talk about God and His Son in what they are teaching us !

  28. Troy Roberts says:

    AMEN!! I am a product of the parents who rebelled in the 60′s! I lived the lifestyle and always said “I will be forgiven” Finally I got it right at the age of 30, but my wife and I are each others 3rd marriage. It took a lot of reading the Bible and getting good Godly instruction from our Pastor and Elders in the church and examples of those married for 50+ years as examples to show me that I had it wrong and how to change. Thank you for your wonderful insights.

  29. Elizabeth Stuart says:

    This was one of the reasons Pope John Paul II established the World Youth Day. Jumping over the “dead/lost” generation to the youth of the world with the God News. World Youth Days are deliberately set in cities in need of renewal and it works!

  30. MARTI says:

    You are right on! As a high school youth minister for over 15 years, I have longed to hear someone say those words. I have mourned that parents would not send their youth to church camp because it was too expensive but would spend a fortune so that they could attend all the latest sports programs. I have seen so many youth, children who were alive in the gospel during high school, lose that spark for the Lord as soon as they went away to college and became experienced in the world (SEX). Thank you for saying what we all should be screaming. God bless your ministry.

  31. Gary Kinzer says:

    “Revolution” needs to be a continual part of every Christians life regardless of age. I believe the biblical term for is “repentance”.

  32. Krista Brown says:

    Mark, thank you for sharing the truth in love on this subject! My husband and I are a big part of a purity ministry run by our pastor, Tony Ingrassia, and our marriage has been changed by it in a big way. It has been eye-opening to learn what a big deal sexual purity is for our youth, and everyone in general, and saddening to see how little people know or care about the subject. If you get a minute, please check out http://www.powerofpurity.org. God has been using it to change lives all over the country, and even in the prison system. Thank you again for your candid thoughts on this topic and God bless you and the ministry!

  33. Jim Bower says:

    The world needs revival .Christ’s church needs to be praying for it and living for it and teaching about it.

  34. Mari Uys says:

    Yes! Let the truth be known. Everyone lives in denial about people sinking into that big black hole and we need to have the guts to speak out and protest against perversion of every kind. We cant keep blaming our parents once we have realised they were wrong. Thats no excuse for not being determined to change the “sins of the fathers”. I did!

    Even just living a moral life and refusing to participate in the filth on TV, Lust for Money (gambling) and wherever you go in magazines and on Internet, you have to dodge the filth. Keep strong Christians. It will be worth it in the end! My daughter is a strong Christian even without her father who abandoned her and I psychologically and eventually physically by taking drugs. I was left exhausted from all the persecution of abuse but threw myself into reading my Bible every morning and every night and when I could not sleep, reading from 4am to 6am when it was time to go to work and hardly felt tired!

  35. Elizabeth says:

    Be the change you want to see in the world-
    1) without God – we can’t
    2) without us – he won’t.
    I got married to my husband when I was 20 , one year and 4 months ago. 2cd best decision we made in our life’s . Marriage open’s your eyes to what God goes through daily and is the closest thing you can get to being holy. Success is found in inches not miles:)

  36. Bob Pollitt says:

    I thank our Lord for His work thru your ministry. I am a “funnel” to spread His Word, to shine His Light. I want to print your columns (especially this one), so I can HAND IT to those who need to see it. Just telling them to check your web site is not enough. They are all to busy wit “church activities”. For some I will READ IT to them before I hand it to them.

    Just tell me how I can print your message. Or where can I order copies? BOB POLLITT, 352/683-7411, BP53@ATT.NET, SPRING HILL,FL

  37. Christina says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with getting married young but the tone of this article almost seems to be that getting married young is the way to have “God approved sex”. I don’t believe this was the intention but that’s how it felt reading it. It’s fine if you want to marry young because you’ve found someone great to share the rest of your life with but it shouldn’t be just so you can have sex in a condoned way. Marriage is so much more than physical intimacy and my guess is that parents who caution against marrying young might be wary of that. If this is the case then they should make that clear and in doing so it would help their children further understand the commitment of marriage and its depth. Perhaps parents can teach their children how sacred physical intimacy is so they can appreciate and practice purity.

    I do wonder if this article and the responses to it (including mine), strayed a bit from the original intention. The author is talking about a revolution and not just about the appropriate age to get married. If everyone truly got into this revolution then we wouldn’t have to worry about the reasons or ages for getting married because if we are truly following and listening to God then we’ll be making good choices whether it’s in the bedroom, the workplace, or any other place.

  38. Tony says:

    Since puberty becoming earlier, and consideration is given to handing out free condoms from age 12 at school (in some countries) – soon some will encourage them to get married before going to high school. Yes we as Christians do need to be the revolution – but I would say, that is to reverse this trend – not encourage it.

  39. J says:

    After reading this I see your points and I really agree with it I’m 18 and I can see why there needs to be a Revolution. I do notice parents acting like that and its sad cause in the end the love you take is equal to the love you make.

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