Christians Think Too Much

I’m convinced that many Christians think too much. Let me explain. It’s not a matter of learning, using common sense or exercising your intellectual abilities. What I mean is that people put far too much weight on what they think instead of being concerned about what the bible says.

Here is a news flash for you: God loves you but doesn’t give a rat’s butt what you think. He is not sitting up in heaven taking a poll on the public opinion here on Earth trying to decide if he should alter his rules based on what you or anyone else thinks. Seriously, I don’t think that God calls all the angels together and says, “You know, I believe we should make some changes around here. After all, Susan, Bobby and all these other people think that it’s ok to live together before marriage. Jane and John and their friends all think it’s ok to commit adultery because they really love this other person. Maybe we need to change our policies.”

God is actually God and he has thoughts, ways and standards that are His and His alone. He tells us in scripture what to do and how to behave, and your opinion on it is irrelevant. I don’t even care what I think because it simply doesn’t matter. The bible says “thou shall not kill” or “thou shall not commit adultery” and I never even consider asking myself the question, “But what do I think of that?” All that matters is what God says and what God thinks. I base my choices and behavior on pleasing Him.

On judgment day your opinion won’t matter because God is not going to go by what you thought of his instructions and commands. After all, it’s not like what God says is merely a bunch of suggestions to follow only if you like them, if they are convenient and work for you. For instance, the bible says Christians should meet together regularly. Yet you might say, “Yeah, I know I am supposed to go to church, but I don’t really think you have to. I think a person can follow God without actually going to a building. I think I can find God by spending time in nature or just praying and listening to CDs of sermons.” Who cares what you think? And by the way, you are wrong. God’s word is God’s word and what He says trumps what you think.

How about as Christians we start reading the bible and actually do what it says. It doesn’t matter that you think it’s not necessary to attend church or give money. You are wrong, because God says you should. He doesn’t care that you think it’s okay to commit adultery or divorce your spouse because you just aren’t happy. You are wrong. We are believers and our life and actions should be based on what the bible says—what God says. It should be our aim to please Him and make Him happy.

Here’s an analogy to help in understanding this: Let’s say you really want to please me. Maybe you’re trying to impress me in order to get a job, or get me to do something for you and you want to make me happy. Wouldn’t you try to figure out what I think, what I want and like and then act accordingly? I may ask you to bring me something to drink and the people who know me tell you, “Hey, Mark really likes hot chocolate—not cappuccino.” Now if you want to make me happy, then you’ll bring me hot chocolate. What would happen if you decided to bring me cappuccino anyway? I might tell you that I don’t like cappuccino, and if you reply, “Yeah, well, I know that, but I really like it. I think it’s good. Lots of people like it. There’s nothing wrong with it. This is perfectly good cappuccino so I brought it for you anyway.” I would look at you like you were crazy. You acted according to what you thought, but you didn’t please me. It wouldn’t work for me and it won’t work with God either. You must do what pleases Him.

People intentionally disobey the word of God just to make themselves happy and are insulting Him in every conceivable way. They want his blessings and do not make any connection between the way they are living their lives and the obedience God requires of us. I’ve had couples who are living together and having sex, sit in my office and ask me, “Pastor Mark, we have all these struggles and issues. Why isn’t God blessing our lives?” I explain to them that they are sinning and doing all the wrong things but they just do not get the connection. They rationalize and justify their sinful behaviors and wonder why things aren’t going well for them! Many people expect God to be there for them and meet their needs and bless them regardless of the fact that they are blatantly insulting His word and standards by doing all the wrong stuff.

I will hear people, who apparently know the bible, say crazy things like, “Well, I know the bible says such and such, but I don’t think that really matters. That isn’t really what it means. I don’t think God will hold us to that.” Talk about arrogance. Millions of people do this all the time and they actually believe that what they think is all that matters. There are others who truly don’t know what the bible says. If you are one of those people, you really need to read it to find out and then do what His word tells us to do. But don’t run it through your philosophy or filters. Don’t let the pop-psychologists, self-help books, Oprah, your friends, family or even some pastor tell you that what you think is all that really matters.

The bible tells us in Romans 12:3 “…Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think of yourself with sober judgment…” Be less concerned about what you think and more concerned about what God says. Learn what pleases Him and live according to His ways. As Christians we need to stop “thinking” about the bible and start obeying it.

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34 Responses to “Christians Think Too Much”

  1. Scott says:

    Mark: Love the cappuccino analogy. Your point is well-made. If God is real and we want Him to be happy with us or bless us in some way, we can only do so on His terms (just like us, except that we can’t force or manipulate or fool God like we often try to do to others).

    Everyone else: ok, so the hook is “christians think too much” but I don’t think the bible ever says to not use your brain … I mean c’mon, God made it :-) The article just points out that your opinion on what God should want or think or expect doesn’t change what God actually wants or thinks or expects. It’s just logic … Other people aren’t required to change themselves to match your assumptions or opinions about them, why would God be that way? If God is defined by your opinions, He’s a god of your imagination. If God is real, you have to treat Him that way.

  2. Karin Philip says:

    I LOVE what you wrote here…It is TRUTH. Why don’t Christians realize this?? We put God in a small box, think of Him like we are; it is extremely sad.
    Thank you for writing it like it is.
    God bless

  3. Amy Hanson says:

    Dear Mark, You have made an excellent point. Thank you for presenting the biblical view in such a candid way. I appreciate your zeal to wake people from their sin-induced slumber of self-justification and weak excuses. Thank you for speaking truth loudly so many will hear.

  4. Dan says:

    Dear Pastor Mark…I love hot chocolate, too. My Question is my girlfriend and I often have phone sex because we live far apart from each other. Is this a pastor Mark? I am in the dark about this one….

    • Ivy says:

      Um, if you’re not married you’re not supposed to be having any kind of sex dear, if you value Gods commandments. It comes under the heading “Adultery”. Having “sex” in any form of fornication is lusting after someone that doesn’t belong to you, hence ‘adultery’. When you commit to someone under the consent of God through marriage, then that person belongs to you and you to them. Does that help?

  5. Deborrah says:

    I loved it.. You are a great teacher of the word. I wish I had heard you before I got married but I’ve been pretty happy for 28 years. We are going for more Yeh

  6. Brandy says:

    Pre-Marital Sex Testimony

    Let me preface by saying that I am a bible-believing Christian. Before accepting Christ as Savior and Lord I was not a bible-believer and I don’t believe anyone can BE a bible-believer without knowing Christ as their personal LORD (not a good idea, an ok story, or eternal insurance policy) but LORD and Savior of their lives. That said, if reader/responder thinks he/she is a saved Blood-bought Christian, then you will also have God’s Grace to Believe His Word.

    That said, and since the Bible – the Word of God – ONLY blesses the marriage bed as being undefiled I want to give this word of testimony. My fiance and I married a short time ago after committing to celebacy before marriage. We are both in our 50′s and also the 3rd marriage for both. It was not easy because our chemistry is “off the charts.” But we were both at a point in our lives where God’s Blessing meant more to us than a few moments of pleasure. The Holy Spirit quickened us to this and gave us Grace to wait. I should also say that as any sexually experienced person, getting married without knowing that aspect of the other person is SCARY! But God said to Trust Him and we chose to be obedient.

    Well, let me say, that after two prior marriages and over 35 years of being sexually active, neither of us have before experienced the marital joy and pleasure we are now. Without further detail, let me just say “WOW!”

    So- you true believers out there, be encouraged to commit your relationships to Him Who Loves You and has the very Best for you if you are willing to Trust Him, His Ways, and be obedient!

  7. Michelle says:

    Hey, this guy is the funniest pastor/marriage advice guru!!! You will love him!!! Watch a couple of his videos but make sure you do it with Aaron!!!

  8. jim hetherton says:

    God did not call the 10 Commandments the 10 suggetsions, to obey is the 1st law of heaven, see 1 Sam 15:22
    In the UK where I live a man this week, shot and killed 12 people including himself, the resaons are stating to immerge and it seems it all started because of tax violations, and other “sins” that became so big, that they blew in mind!, sadly taking other innocents along with him.
    Part of the challenge of the mortal test is to prepare ourselves to recieve all that the Father has, and it’s a lot!, but and there is always a but, we have to exercise our faith in Jesus and the Father and then “do it”
    We are Gods greatest creation, emdowed with potentials and 4 unique human endowments, Self Awareness, Conscience (the light of Christ)a brain (different in men and women!)Will Power, the greatest gift God has given his kids to the power of “choice” of how to direct life, between stimulus and response, we can choose.

  9. Nita says:

    God is not interested in my comfort level or if I want to do what he is telling me to do. God blesses obediance. I believe that God wants us to be happy but we should know that true happiness only comes from being in the will of Christ and that includes obeying all the commandments and enjoying blessings of his word.
    I am single-did the marriage thing wrong the first time. Seriously commited to doing it right this time if God chooses to give me a second chance. Reading your web sight is serious prep for making it successful-with Gods help-the next time around. Thank you for the insight into the male mind. I seriously had no idea how you all thought about things.

    Maybe you can enlighten me to why all the fascination with older men 40′s-50′s wanting a 25 year old? Besides the obvious outside thing. I have several seriously beautiful girlfriends/on fire for God, who are late 40′s and cant get a guy there age to give them a second look. Yes, I’m one of them, lol! So discouraging, these men have no idea what they are passing by for a little youth and a lot of inmaturity.
    Thanks for your articles-Love them, Nita

    • Hayley says:

      Hi Nita

      Please do not be discouraged. There have been quite a few women in my church who got saved after divorce or the break-up of long-term de facto relationships. They were over 40 or 30, and often with children. But they had new life! Loving God, serving, sharing and being a bright beacon of hope and grace in our church. They shine, and everyone loves to be around them. Each is different, but some visited young mums, ran playgroups, participated in cell groups, cooked for events and sick families, shared the gospel, saw salvations, you name it, they were alive and vibrant in our church. Wholly trusting in God.

      Trust me, you are not overlooked.

      There is nothing more attractive than a woman loving God!

      These women in my church ended up married. To wonderful men who love them AND their children like their own.

      My pastor always says ‘do not look for a husband, but run the race, and sooner or later you will see who is running beside you. That is the man you want.’

  10. Dennis says:

    Wow! I have taken the time to read what you have written and that is what I wanted to say but really didn’t have the full understanding of God’s infinite wisdom. I don’t think I ever will. Thanks from Dennis.

  11. Vanessa says:

    Excellent blog, Mark. This subject has been on my heart and mind heavily this week as I see more and more Christians moving in together and it doesn’t seem to bother them. Thank you for standing and declaring Truth in this day.

  12. David says:

    Yes, the real question in salvation is not if we have been rational, or smart but if our Character conforms to the Character of Jesus. We can only do that through obedience. You are right on here.

  13. Dawn Saunders says:

    I totally agree with your article. I believe that more and more christians have excuses today as to why they do the things they do when all that matters is pleasing God. We have too many christians are concern about their feelings and do not want to obey God’s instruction. The bible is there for us to follow but most people rather hear a “preach me happy” sermon that addresses what they want to hear instead of reading for themselves about what God says. Nobody is saying you should not listen to pastors, but it is written that as believers we are to meditate on the word day and night and follow God’s word. when we do those things we think less of what we want and do more of what God says. I love this message and I pray that more people will read it and get the point. I bless God for you because you are my kind of brother that tell it like it is… the truth!!!

  14. Jamie Owen says:

    I am so very greatful for your way of teaching the holy word and doing what you do for couples. Thank you so much

  15. Marla says:

    The absence of PROOF is what FAITH is about. Also, every time I hear someone state that there is no God and their arguement sounds convincing, I just keep reminding myself one thing: I’d rather live as though there is a God to die and find out there isn’t one than to live as though there isn’t one and die to find out that there is one. Much safer.

  16. Rosemary says:

    Awesome! Last Friday took a Google class and the teacher took us to your Mans and Womens Brain You Tube video. “I think” I have been blessed to discover you and your article is so very right on. GOD bless you.

  17. Pastor Larry Stump says:

    I was really taken in about what I just red! I try to get that thought to my congregation on how simple living is as long as you do it God’s way! I have two ex-pastor’s who analyze everything and try to say this is what God says. I just take God at His word! Thanks, Pastor Larry

  18. curiositykilledthekat says:

    Great post. This needs to be said more often, especially in our churches.

    Question though, I’m curious what the going opinion is on multiple wives. There’s no proclamation against having more than one aside from being a deacon or bishop, so if we’re to read the bible and not provide our own interpretation, where does that leave us? Just curious.

  19. Barbara Kanalos says:

    I just wanted to let you know that my husband and I just started the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage class at our church, it was hilarious and a lot of fun. My husband is a new christian and we are having so much fun letting God rule our lives we are so blessed

  20. Calvina says:

    You are so write about every thing you said in the article that I read you surely opened my eyes because I know the word of GOD but made mistakes and tried to justify my mistakes with my own mistakes knowing that it was wrong especial in my marriage

  21. Keisha says:

    You are absolutely correct Mark. May God continue to bless you and your ministry.

    Too often professed Christians reject God’s instructions in order to follow their own ideas and eventually this causes a separation from God. Man’s wisdom is foolishness to God’s (The Creator). God invites us to reason with him and we are to think and meditate on his Word. By doing so we learn more about God and reinforce our relationship with Him.

  22. chris says:

    Outstanding again.

    I dont think God wants me unhappy, and he will forgive my divorce after…..after all he wants me happy right?

    Thats the biggest pack of lies on sale today!

  23. Donna Parks says:

    Excellent article, not popular with with the world or even the church for that matter. It is the “key” if you will to the blessed life. The Word says I set before you life and death, choose life. Obedience is life regardless of what we think about it!! We weren’t put here to be popular but to be a voice in the wilderness shining the light of God’s Word to set the world free!!! If we in our own wisdom and thinking could have done it we already would have!!! Keep preaching the truth!!! IT will set us all free!!!

  24. ivan says:

    so happy to see some one who stands on the word and not the feel good of the world.people need to hear God’s word before they stand before him. the true word not watered down. thank you your brother in Christ

  25. Richard says:

    If a man remarries ,due to the wife devorcing him and not because of adultry, can he remarry according to Gods word.

    • Phyllis says:

      yes! it is a sin because it concerns “self” and NOT the way GOD would have you to do with your body… i also believe that this act was a part of idol worship in the biblical days

  26. Mike says:

    Read the Bible
    “Tolerance” is never mentioned as a virtue
    God is never tolerant
    He is Righteous
    He is Holy
    He is Perfect
    and he tolerates nothing less
    So saith the Law
    This is why Jesus had to become Human and take our punishment for us and give us his holiness.

  27. Keith says:

    The reason I must “think too much” is that so much of what I am told is God’s word comes by way of another person’s interpretation. Of course my wife and I read the Word every day. But it is not always easy to understand what it means. So I look to other people to help us understanding the word.

    It isn’t the word of God I have to think about. It is more like “I don’t think Mark is right about this. I think what God is telling us is…” Certainly if I know what God’s will is I wouldn’t “Think” of questioning it!

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