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The reviews of Jerry Seinfeld’s new show The Marriage Ref have been coming in since the preview ran earlier this week. People aren’t loving it! Even after the full hour premiere of the show last night. If you can see beyond the fact that the likes of Madonna and Alec Baldwin are those among the celebrity panel giving advice on marriage, there are a few redeeming qualities.

First of all, it is not intended to be some academic dissertation or highly instructional show on marriageā€¦ I mean, it is Jerry Seinfeld and Tom Papa and they are both comedians. They intended the show to be comedy. After all, there are some extremely funny situations that crop up in marriage. And who isn’t going to find some of the situations these couples are arguing about funny? A man who has his dead dog stuffed and wants to set up a shrine to him in their house; another husband who wants to put a stripper pole in their house but his wife is opposed; a woman who will only allow the family to use the dining room on Thanksgiving.

I’ve said it before, couples (including my wife and me) argue over the stupidest things! When you bring in a third party, it becomes very clear how silly some of these things are. Like it or love it, The Marriage Ref is extremely positive in that manner. In fact, it’s how the concept of the show was developed. Seinfeld says he and his wife were arguing over something ridiculous and a friend happened to be there. He asked her to weigh in and decide in favor of one of them just to end the fight. I suggest you get someone else involved in your situations. Don’t try to live in a vacuum and do it all on your own.

Papa also ends the show with a very pro marriage statement saying it’s “worth fighting for” and indeed it is! Most TV shows are anything but pro marriage so anyone who puts forth the positives can be applauded. Again, it’s not intensive marriage therapy, it’s comedy. And judging from the reviews, it may not be around long. But hopefully the idea of getting others you trust (not strangers or clueless celebrities) to help you walk out this often maddening and complicated relationship of marriage, will stick.

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7 Responses to “The Marriage Ref Preview”

  1. Le Roux Rossouw says:

    SORRY and Please I got a question

    Watched your Laugh your way to a better marriage in South Africa. Enjoyed it a lot and would like to buy your book re Flag page.

    A friend is on his way to Houston Texas. Would he be able to buy the book there?


    Le R

  2. Judy says:

    I’m a strong advocate for “Laugh Your Way,” and we use it faithfully at our pregnancy center. Moms learn so much better when they’re happy and laughing and not crying over their situation. Thanks, Mark.

  3. Ginny Fite says:

    I would LOVE to have Pastor Mark (via DVD and books) come on due to deep south Texas and help us with our marriages!!!
    I will look again at your “store”!
    Thank you!
    I grew up near Bellin and St Vincents hospitals!!! :)

  4. Lana says:

    Any advice on how to get over feeling belittled whenyou KNOW your husbands “jokes” are not neant to be mean but hurt just the same? I know he loves me but dint know hiw not to feel hurt. He does apologize after he says it wasnt meant to be personal …if I bring it to hus attention???? Just wondering.

  5. Deb says:

    I didn’t see the show, but as long as you don’t use your children to referee it sounds like a good option. And yes, I do trust my children (20 and 26 years) but I am reasonably sure they would not want this responsibility.

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