NEW EPISODE: Reasons people reject marriage proposals. A husband can’t have sex at all with his wife. A Christian girl is having trouble because she attracts heathens. A newlywed couple has an issue over oral sex. A man needs advice on how to deal with his “ultra-religious, self-righteous, perfectionist” mother.


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2 Responses to “01-05-2015”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hard to believe this, but last night my wife had another spat with our 18 year old daughter, and once again my wife growled our daughter for the way she was answering her with such stubbornness and disrespect, and I told my wife to ease up a bit because her reprimands began to sound repetetive (again). She then said I don’t know how badly she was being spoken to by our daughter so moments later I just gave in and said ‘Ok, I dont really know then.’ – to keep the peace. Just a few minutes after that I hit 41.30 minutes into your show (which I was watching with an earphone on but I could still hear my wife stressing out), and I had to laugh about the coincidence… Before it finished I called my daughter over and we shared the earphones to hear Mark from the start about respecting your parents. AWESOME TIMING… She laughed too when Mark said “She’s your mother, shut up!”. Now normally my wife doesnt watch this show, but shes gonna love this part when I tell her about it! Thanks!

  2. Michael says:

    I told my wife a lot of times, that it was ok to play “hard to get.” It was NOT ok to play “impossible to get.” She did it anyway, and ended up having the gaul to divorce me. Although I guess I should have picked up on the clue when she stopped laughing at my jokes :-P

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