NEW EPISODE: Four expectations that can injure a good marriage. A wife is having unwanted sexual dreams. How does a family deal with a father’s affair?  A woman is suspicious of her husband’s behavior. A wife has a question about “old people sex” and another has concerns regarding the impact her disability is having on the marriage. Is age difference a big deal when dating and marrying?


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  1. Coolshow says:

    People can carry hurt and trauma throughout their lives without realising the many negative subtle and obvious impacts on their present and future relationships. Without sufficient confrontation of one’s OWN demons, how can we be the best husbands or wives, fathers and mothers? People point the finger too much, and use hurt and past (often forgotten) trauma to justify their sin and rebellion. But you know someone’s sinning or rebelling on purpose because of their unresolved baggage, and they enjoy their sin because they’ve desensitised their conscience and are becoming psychopaths. But those who desire to be good are fighting to maintain a good conscience about their own actions, yet find themselves having to keep pressing the ‘reset button’ of forgiveness in order to keep moving forward with those around them who need more grace and encouragement to finally face their own demons. Jesus was always right… love and forgiveness, blessing and not cursing, are always the right reactions.

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