NEW EPISODE: Do married women have a “backup husband” in mind? Why is it a bad idea for parents of teens to date and remarry? Is it possible for a man to be weaned off sex? How fast is too fast to start dating again after a divorce? How do we handle sex in our marriage when there are health issues that impair it? Biblically speaking, how often are women required to have sex with their husbands?


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  1. Me. says:

    On the matter of “my husband doesn’t do this, my husband doesn’t do that” I ask women: have you asked your husband to do it? I know you like the idea of random spontaneous acts of love and I know how you like that Mark teaches men to be less clueless, but seriously…. The husband is yours, you train him. From my own experience I know most men are not jerks, they are just forgetful. I trained my brother to keep things tidy around the house by using gentle but firm reminders (to pick up his socks, put the wet towel away, put his shoes in the right shelf…) until he started doing it without being reminded. Because I was kind, he learned to respect and obey me even more than he obeys my mom, who just nags and yells all the way. The same worked with my husband, both for work around the house and acts of love. I told him what I wanted (hug me, kiss me, hold my hand, bring me chocolate when I PMS, I would like to eat out once a month…) and now he does these things mostly without being reminded. He still forgets some, but it’s an acceptable limit. Water will corrode anything, not because it’s powerful, but because it’s constant. Daydream less, achieve more, girls!

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