NEW EPISODE: Should Christians attend a same sex wedding? Is staying together for the kids a good idea? A Christian father needs help raising his son with his atheist wife. A family is debating circumcision. Do women respond to consequences the same way men do?


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4 Responses to “11-17-2014”

  1. viewer says:

    I agree with Mark’s comment after 43 minutes that women contextualise. I believe women contextualise what they observe as much as they can, so their observations make more ‘sense’ to them, or can be explained, even if it’s unappealing or incorrect. I believe they generally pride themselves on contexts more than truth, providing endless conversational babble men have little stomach for. Women like discussing and evaluating using perspectives, which I think is innocent to a degree, and even very helpful in seeking answers, but this can lead to a biased tendency to excessively justify error and sin, and washing over their consequences. I believe Mark was correctly hitting on something that’s worth digging into, to help men understand how women tick, and to help women understand their own weaknesses.

  2. Steve says:

    The funny thing is women often contextualize excuses for women, not for men. For example, whenever a woman commits a crime, women find excuses or a mitigating circumstance for them. Not so for men, if a guy commits a crime, there are no possible mitigating circumstances. Men tend to bash men and women equally.

  3. Steve says:

    Same applies to infidelity. Whenever a woman cheats, women will empathize with her and swallow up whatever excuses she has (they contextualize). When a man cheats, women believe that the woman was an angel of heaven. In my opinion, sin is sin is sin is sin. Period.


    Good point to highlight… In Eden, Eve’s brain must have been filled with so many ‘attractive perspectives of benefits’ from Satan that she decided it was justified to reject God’s truth in favor of possessing those (deceptive) benefits. A trait we’ve seen since then… Guys using deception to fill a chick’s brain with justifications for continuing (bad) relations with them. Outsiders can see clearly that negative consequences outweigh the benefits, but the woman maintains rejection truth and therefore wisdom. This ‘weakness of women’ must explain other areas, like the consequences of starving your husband of sex. See the December 22nd show! Mark labored on warning women to not starve their husbands because of the heavy consequences. However Diane, being a true woman, highlights good perspectives to bring balance to the issues, in this case that a husband must learn to stop ‘helping’ his wife justify or solidify her negative and ‘weak’ position by how badly he’s treating her. Suddenly spouses can see how they don’t help eachother enough…

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