NEW EPISODE:  What kind of cancers are on the rise among young adults? Should a wife entertain her husband with lap dances? Should you always tell your spouse about an affair? What are the pros and cons of older women dating younger men? What questions should you ask during the premarital phase? How can a single young male master his sex drive?


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2 Responses to “11-10-2014”

  1. jubilee says:

    Unless the poor young man has a smartphone with PORN on it…its really bad when teen boys, who are around 12 are into PORN

  2. Blessed says:

    Thanks for this show, it got deep and to the point. I was talking to an ex-pastor (of sorts) at church last Sunday and I related to her that I’m tired of churches which focus little on God’s presence and power. In its place you have predictable hyped-up services which I believe are only configured to ‘compensate’ for being unable to engage God’s presence and power. So I believe you’re right… The blockage to God’s power must be a dishonour toward God of a significant magnitude, such as rife immorality.

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