NEW EPISODE: Poached partners make unreliable mates. Can long distance relationships work? A wife needs advice because her husband doesn’t want any “couple friends”. Is painting the nude form ok for Christians who are artists? A wife needs help after she had an affair. A guy isn’t sexually attracted to the girl he wants to date. What does Mark think of adoption?


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One Response to “11-03-2014”

  1. anonymouse says:

    thanks for the awesome show. its actually nice to hear about a wife who has enough conscience to regret her adultery. my worship-singing ‘christian’ wife was once ‘poached’ by a single heathen guy years ago. im sure he didnt think of her as a bad person because she helped him realise his fantasies on numerous occasions (the number of which ive never been ‘allowed’ to know). but i lost a pure wife and our children lost a pure mother. the other guy gained a cheater who eventually dumped him to keep her family. it took me literally years to heal from the inner pain, but the overall effects of the adultery have never ceased having some kind of negative impact on our lives. i believe, whatever the reasons for it, adultery is a completely selfish act, and only has negative results. the quality of every good aspect of our marriage has been permanently diminished by adultery.

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