Is a “Snuggle House” a legitimate business? Should wives have babies to try to improve their marriage or make them happy? What do I do when my husband forgets all the special occasions in our life? A listener wonders if there will be sex in heaven? A wife wants suggestions on how to get the “giddy” back in their marriage and a husband thinks men should be included in baby showers.

3 Responses to “10-13-2014”

  1. Sam k. says:

    Need some help with this week’s program. I cannot watch nor listen to this week’s program. I listen online but now this week the video posted says “invalid source” when I try to watch or download. This happens on my tablet and my desktop. Is it me or the website? Help would be greatly appreciated. I need my “Gungor Show “fix this week! Lol!

  2. Sharon Cook says:

    I agree about men @ showers. My husband was at our wedding shower n I know others that have been as well. Times are changing….

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