Reason to dump his butt when dating.  Can I check my husband’s cell phone? A young man needs help with finding a girl for his arranged marriage.  A mom is torn between working and being a stay at home mom. A wife is struggling with her commuter marriage.


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  1. Been There says:

    Regarding the husband reneging on allowing his cell phone to be checked …. I’ve been there. DO EXACTLY WHAT MARK SAYS! Had someone given me this advice when my husband’s “phone” affair first came to my attention, I wouldn’t have had to deal with picking up the pieces after his 6-month sexual affair came out in the open. It would have been a lot easier to stand up to it when it was only a couple months old and put the burden of deciding to end it on him … without him being “forced” into stopping because he was caught. As it turned out, however, being the “weak willed woman” with a Pollyanna attitude that I was, my trying to be patient and understanding resulted in him not having to really make a choice. He just kept on with her and lied to me. He got sneakier. My suspicions continued, but I couldn’t “prove” anything. He lived the “best of both worlds” for six months. I finally “left” after he got verbally abusive when my suspicions caused me to ask him what he’s really been up to. He was immediately calling me in tears asking for us to be back together. I ignored him until he really came clean (about 2 days later). I had left initially because of the verbal abuse … but he ended up admitting that he’d been having a full blown sexual affair with her for six months and that he has now ended it. I think it suddenly wasn’t as “fun” when he got the reality check that he was really losing his wife. Be strong. Learn from my mistake. If you can’t respect yourself, why on earth should HE respect you?

  2. Strong one says:

    Listen to Mark, listen to this fellow woman! Marriage is a contract, and when that contract is broken, the breaking party MUST pay. Put your love and hopes and feelings aside and focus only on what is RIGHT. There is no grey area in marriage, things ARE black and white. You do not have to wait for God to deal out justice at the end times. The one being unfaithful will pay the price of such betrayal HERE and NOW. In fact, if you truly love him/her, you punish them now. You make them repent NOW. You know what will happen to liars, deceivers and betrayers at the end times, so do not wait.

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