Married + Monogamous = Best Sex. Why am I so terrible at dating? Are pastors obligated to share their past history or not? Do most people know or suspect when their spouse is cheating on them? How do you deal with an out of wedlock pregnancy in your family? A young man needs help to get over the fact that his girlfriend isn’t a virgin and a wife is looking for advice after her husband of 44 years left her for another woman.



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  1. J says:

    Good advice to the young man who cannot get over the ‘past’ of his girlfriend. His discomfort is a BIG sign from God that they have no future together and that he is meant to have a future with someone else. He can rejoice in learning that and move FORWARD.

    Never thought about it but Mark, it is so true that people who should not have gotten married do suck the life out of everyone around them! The funny way you explained how it happens is memorable! Thanks.

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