How does a strong grandparent/grandchild relationship benefit both? A guy makes “demands” of God for the girl he wants–and she’s 28 years younger than he is!  A new husband writes in because his bride is depressed over things she wishes were different about the wedding. A listener has mother-in-law issues and a husband gets busted for having two affairs at the same time.


2 Responses to “08-04-2014”

  1. jubilee says:

    I’ve heard someone say that young people get married

    i know kids don’t see it now, but when you are born, you go into a ‘family line’==
    one year, you are a little girl or boy, and you have parents and grandparents
    the other year, down ‘stream’, you are a grandparent, and you have children, grandchildren, and possibly GREAT grandchildren
    also, the best a child needs are 3 sets of parents–hopefully if the grandparents are STILL MARRIED and the child’s parents are also married.

    We need to also remember: even if other people break up their marriages, and you are still together, it gives kids in broken families HOPE, that THEY could find a good person and stay TOGETHER

  2. The Wife says:

    The first time I heard this podcast was shortly after I found out my own husband of 2.5 years had been lying and cheating the past six months with another woman he had met this Feb (she was also married). It is still so fresh… Only 3 weeks since he ended it and only 2.5 weeks since he “fessed up” … But he has since quit drinking and has sworn never to lie or cheat again (only time will tell… a few weeks is just a drop in the bucket). I couldn’t believe that the first time I found this website, there was an episode about a wife with a cheating husband who is cleaning up his act and she has chosen not to divorce him as I am doing (pending verification of his sincere changes, of course). My confusion is centered around the idea of resuming our intimacies. I can’t even think about going there at this time….way too early. But what about the idea of meeting each other’s needs? Up until this whole thing came out in the open, we were intimate pretty much every day. I’ll be fine without, but then what about him? Or maybe I should be more like “who cares… He made his bed … He can sleep in it”. Thanks so much for a great show and wonderful resources. Hope to see you in Lansing next month!

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