Sex addiction isn’t real. A woman emails saying she is having trouble reaching the kind of orgasm Mark describes in his seminar. What traits did Mark look for when he dated his wife? How do you know it’s “the one”? Is a 17 year age gap problematic in a marriage? Should divorced/single people date while they still have teenagers at home? What does “knowing who you are in Christ” mean? Is it okay for women to masturbate?


2 Responses to “07-21-2014”

  1. Sharon Cook says:

    I am listening to the one with the 17 year gap n even though I am not a senior citizen I agree that a gap more than 10 is crazy. I am married to my best friend n we are 9 years 6 months n a day apart. However my previous marriage n a previous relationship the gap was 10+ n I can’t believe I even done it. I am glad that even though I had to go thru H*LL to be with the one who has my heart because now I am not only happy but know I’m safe.

  2. Stephanie says:

    Your advice is not to date with kids? Why is your view on dating so negative while your view on marriage is that it’s the most natural thing in the world? As long as you keep dating separate from your children until there is a formal commitment, I see no reason why it’s any “creepier” to date someone than to be married to someone. It’s very discouraging as a single mom of a toddler to hear that, in your opinion, I should be single for the next 18 years.

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