NEW SHOW: Should you talk about your marriage problems to others? How do we get back to the way things were before my husband’s affair? A woman writes in after her husband requests that she masturbates and tells him about it. A young man has poor self-esteem and is afraid to date and another guy has way to high of standards in dating. A frustrated wife needs help with her very negative hubby.


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3 Responses to “05-19-2014”

  1. happy says:

    Hello peeps. Im soooo glad your show finally made it to our ShineTV channel on Freeview here in New Zealand! Well done! I remember emailing them to get your show on but they replied saying they already had it (the older stinking thinking show). I replied saying that wasnt the latest one, and gave them the link to this website. I dont know how they got convinced to air it, but its great to see you in New Zealand! I hope you become very popular here! Now all the Kiwis here can see your kiwi toy on your desk… :-)

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