NEW EPISODE: Most questions we receive on The Mark Gungor Show are about S-E-X. Find out what our listeners are asking. Erotic fiction. What is permissible? Fetishes. Dating married men. Props and costumes. When masturbation replaces real sex. Dumb girls who date for years. Orgasms.


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2 Responses to “04-21-2014”

  1. jubilee says:

    WOW..sigh… on the first part. Women need to know that they should be the BUYERS instead of the SELLERS. (it sounds horrible the other way) Women also need to know that they have something called OXYTOCIN. A hormone that men DON’T HAVE which causes them to BOND with weirdos, as soon as they sleep with them. Even some guys won’t respect the woman after she does. I tell girls this all the time, just as i tell them not to tattoo their skin, since in some cases, it looks like mens body hair.

  2. jubilee says:

    I’ve also heard about the LAWYER who is seeing a MARRIED MAN after i commented previously.. Like i said, OXYTOCIN doesn’t lie. Even if the woman is a general or has a high rank in the military, its the same thing.
    This could be a reason that the ancients didn’t want women to have a career outside of marriage and babies, if SHE and others like her have no “womens intuition”–OK THIS IS A GENERALIZATION–since everyone is an individual.

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