Ross Allen Skorzewski makes a guest appearance on this week’s show. Discover ten old fashioned dating habits to make cool again. Learn how to twerk with Ross and a discussion about death and dating.



3 Responses to “02-17-2014”

  1. alyssa carton says:

    I loved these old fashioned dating habits and I will add one. For valentines day guys shouldnt assume a girl automatically wants red roses and candy. Can you imagine a girl whose allergic getting that and the guy never found that out. I got balloons once and im allergic to latex. they were filled with helium and i had to let them go. Sad.

  2. care says:

    the girl sh’d also love him and give back
    atleast once a month that is if they have it regularly; but she should give back

  3. Jenni says:

    I got flowers once on a first date and it was so sweet…but he was not a good guy and thought that meant he got sex. So you have to weed out the intentions of first date gifts!

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