NEW EPISODE: Ross Allen Skorzewski makes a guest appearance on this week’s show….and it’s a CRAZY one! An Australia man killed his wife, WHY!? People who think they are married “in the eyes of the Lord.”  A discussion about the difference between premarital sex and married sex. A guy has sexual addiction issues.


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3 Responses to “02-10-2014”

  1. erickajen says:

    yeah, marriage and the Sabbath were created before the fall. and the commandments didnt “come later” either, they were just so obvious at the time that they didnt have to be written. the chldren of israel needed them written because they had lived in egypt so long that they forgot them.

  2. jubilee says:

    People met at the SABBATH until JESUS came. If you look in the BIBLE at the resurrection, the women came the day AFTER THE SABBATH.. so, that is a reason the early church gathered together on the FIRST DAY OF THE WEEK… or the (8th) day.
    Its ok to go to church on the Sabbath if you want to some Messianic Jewish congregations still do, but the church should NOT divide over this issue.
    the SABBATH was created for MAN not MAN for the SABBATH
    oh yeah… the 7th letter of the Hebrew alphabet is called Zain.. which to me sounds like ZION

  3. mesa says:

    mesa happy to see ROSS! youre looking good Ross! awesome to have you back on the show for the month… BTW you look much more mature. :-)

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