NEW EPISODE: Man charged with using a stun gun on wife after football bet. Should couples stay together for the sake of their kids?  How do I get my husband to forgive me for my past affair? A wife explains how separation saved their marriage. Should a believer date a non-believer? What does it look like to live by the New Testament and not the Old Testament?


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  1. erickajen says:

    i will agree that a lot of churches, SDA included, are very heartbreakingly legalistic about the sabbath. however, as a SDA, i DO NOT buy into that legalistic mentality. i follow the saturday sabbath, not because i “have to” or because it saves me, i follow the sabbath because it is an outward sign/act of love for God. i follow the sabbath out of love. the first 4 commandments are outward acts of loving God. though they say “shall not” they really mean more along the lines of “give me your affection, give me your attention, give me your time (sabbath)” that kind of thing. the last 6 commandments deal with the outward showing of love for one another.

    none of our actions save us. we are saved by grace through faith. your sunday and my saturday doesnt save us. however, it is an outward, obvious sign of love for God. we do it because we love the Lord. “if you love Me, keep my commandments” john 14:15
    matthew 22:40 “on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets” = that means that the first 4 are love for God, the last 6 are love for others. love God, love others = matthew 22:37-39

    however, if you were to SAY you love your spouse, but never ACT on that, you arent going to have a happy marriage, are you ? if you SAY you love God, but you dont act on it, if you SAY you love others but dont act on it… its not real, its not true.

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